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Month: March 2021

Seafoam Catalytic Converter Cleanser

Seafoam Catalytic Converter Cleanser: Is that a True Fact?

Seafoam catalytic converter cleanser is a myth or fact? Let’s first understand what a catalytic converter and Seafoam are. Catalytic converter or commonly known as exhaust is a tool of catalyzing that does redox reactions to make the poisonous gases less toxic. This tool can be cleaned with two special chemicals. Then, simply, Seafoam is a vehicle cleaner. Then, is it true that it can clean you catalytic converter? Let’s discuss it.

Seafoam can’t clean catalytic converters. It can only clean the fuel engine and the top of engine through the intake. The main function is to clean the fuel injector and valve, as well as the upper area of engine in order to burn efficiently. With the cleanliness of the top engine, the dirt in catalytic converter can be reduced due to fewer emissions. Therefore, Seafoam actually cleans the causes of dirt in the process before the process in catalytic converter. Seafoam catalytic converter cleanser is not true fact because its main job is just to lubricate and clean the entire fuel system, but not the exhaust. However, Seafoam motor treatment will not change or damage your machine because it is made of completely refined earth oil.

The use of this product is actually the same as prevention for the exhaust: prevent dirt on it. Therefore, if it is to clean the catalytic converter, the score is very low. It will not work because the ingredients contained therein are not for that. The composition consists of pale oil, naphtha, and IPA. With this ingredient, it will work when it is added to fuel or oil. It will lift mud that can make noise lift, and remove oil varnish. For the usage, you can add it before changing the oil. It will maintain moisture and fuel stability because it has anti-gel properties. Usually one can is used to clean 60.6 liters of fuel.

There is also the product in form of a spray. Its power is the same as aerosol. If aerosols are air particles that function as respiratory therapy drugs, Seafoam Spray has the same function. It is to clean the fuel lines by spraying it. Spraying is carried out in front of the throttle plate. After that, the engine must then be turned on and allowed to warm up to operate the temperature. Those are the things about Seafoam as the facts you should know. That’s all about the Seafoam catalytic converter cleanser.

Turbowheel Lightning Scooter as Vehicle for Sustainable Transportation

Turbowheel Lightning Scooter as Vehicle for Sustainable Transportation

Turbowheel Lightning Scooter supports you to switch to sustainable transportation. With all its effectiveness and efficiency, this vehicle has a positive contribution to the climate, environment, social and economy of the society. This makes it worthy of being one of transportation components that people crave today. However, do you know what it has, so it deserves the good title? Check it out!

High Technology Designed
Turbowheel lightning scooter is an electric scooter that’s designed very attractive with LED speedometer. It has an XTasy foldable handlebar, so when you are not using it, you can fold it to save space. Each side of the handlebar is equipped with controller. On the left, there is Eco-Turbo to reduce the power, while on the right, there is controller to start and stop the dual motors. It also has efficient hydraulic disc brakes which can work very well both in dry and wet conditions. They can also convert the energy that’s omitted into energy stored back in the battery. Moreover, there is a strong kickstand to shore it, as well as a shorter and wider deck. This ensures the stability and balance.

Maximum speed features but controllable
If most electric scooters are only capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15 mph or 25 km/h, turbowheel electric scooter has a maximum speed of up to 40 mph or about 64 km/h. However, the production is totally intentional and crazy. It is not only made by moving the motorbike engine to a smaller scooter frame, but it’s also designed in such a way to suit the needs of user.

What’s even better, with such a maximum speed, users can still set the limit. On the right dashboard, you can find three mode buttons. Mode 1 has a speed limit of 22 mph (33 km/h). Mode 2 has a limit of 30 mph (48 km/h). Mode 3 is unlimited mode that’s has a speed of about 64 km/hour. However, don’t forget to consider the safety if you want to use high speed on a scooter.

Uses electrical energy with a long battery life
Since it uses rechargeable batteries, this vehicle is very environmentally friendly. The battery is a Li-ion 52V 18.2Ah 957Wh: two standard chargers need charging time 4.5 hours, two fast chargers for 4 hours, and one standard charger for 9 hours. It can last up to 7 days.

That’s what makes the turbowheel lightning scooter really deserves the title of a sustainable transportation vehicle.

Head Gasket Sealer Autozone as the Best Performance Part of Your Car

Head Gasket Sealer Autozone as the Best Performance Part of Your Car

Having considered as one of the most important parts of vehicle’s system, head gasket sealer Autozone is probably what you can say as the vital figure of car’s engine. Usually, people don’t give too much attention to this part unless it’s experiencing some problems, such as a crack that can cause leaking. That’s why it needs a tool called sealant to avoid getting a blown gasket caused by an overheating engine. There are some points on why this is an important item for your car. Let’s find out in the next section.

It can solve the head gasket failures
When you ride a car, there will be a time when the engine will cause a ruckus at some points due to overheating of riding for a long time. This situation will affect the head gasket since its job is to seal the internal combustion system. It allows coolant and oil to circulate, so it can cool the engine. The most noticeable symptom of this failure is when you can see the grey, blue, or white smoke from your car, and the oil will have a strange color. To prevent this, you need head gasket sealer Autozone. It will track down the sources of a leak in the engine and fix them quickly.

Affordable and more convenient 
If you experience this kind of failure, using a sealant will be more effective because otherwise you will have to bring the car to repairer and it will cost too much money. Even some mechanics recommend people to use this since it is handier and won’t require you to replace the whole engine. However, you shouldn’t consider it as a permanent fix because you will still need the repair.

Great qualities and longevity
There are different kinds of sealant that you can find, and each of them has different qualities. However, there are some of the best head gasket sealer Autozone that still offer various impressive capabilities. Many of them have long longevity, but they can be varied depending on the engine condition. Most of them offer permanent solutions to minor leaks, but will only last for about six months if the condition is severe.

Head gasket failures can be a nightmare, and it may lead to other problems like a domino effect. Fixing it can be very difficult since you need to disassemble some major engine components. That’s why you can either buy the new one or just find a head gasket sealer Autozone to protect your car from a leak.

Glion Dolly Foldable Commuter Electric Scooter as the Best Vehicle to Commute for Adults

Glion Dolly Foldable Commuter Electric Scooter as the Best Vehicle to Commute for Adults

If you work in an urban area that is always busy every minute, Glion Dolly foldable commuter electric scooter will be a perfect choice for you. Even though the electric scooters used to be associated with kid’s toys in the past, now modern technology has become more advanced that allows adults to enjoy this vehicle too. There are some reasons why it has been gaining more popularity nowadays. So, let’s check on this next section.

It is extremely portable and convenient
Apart from having well-built figures and impressive features, this electric scooter also has unique capability, such as compact folded function. Since it was made of sturdy and lightweight materials, you can carry it like a rolling suitcase in public areas, just by folding it when you’re not using it. Different from other models, it has an attractive design that will not make you feel weird whenever you use it in workplace. The frame is also created by using powder-coated aluminum. It gives more strength for durability, while also still being light.

It is energy-efficient and ecofriendly
One of the most impressive parts of Glion Dolly foldable commuter electric scooter is it provides energy-efficient mileage that will bring you to go up to a hundred miles without the need to be worried about the lack of fuel. Moreover, it is also very eco-friendly and will not produce a dangerous substance that will be a danger to the planet. You do not have to worry about it causing a ruckus on the street as it provides a patented dolly that will make you stand with feet calmly.

It has fast recharge capability
Since this electric scooter uses lithium-ion battery, it will get you to a place with relatively fast speed. The battery has good longevity, and it will bring up to more than 15 miles when it was fully charged. You can recharge the battery only for three hours. Many people who make Glion Dolly foldable commuter electric scooter reviews also give praises for its impressive abilities.

Only by using this scooter, you can go to your destination at a speed that is faster than walking on the streets. Since you can also bring it to the train or even airplane with its foldable function, Glion Dolly foldable commuter electric scooter becomes a perfect vehicle for adults who are already tired of traffic jams and want to go to their office quickly.

Selling Leased Car to Carmax Before the Lease Is Up

Selling Leased Car to Carmax Before the Lease Is Up

There are actually many positive points of using leasing rather than buying things, but what happens when you think of selling leased car to Carmax? Since we still have to deal with a global pandemic, it is not surprising anymore the percentage of using cars might be reduce a lot, and there is no point in still paying the lease when you did not use the car frequently. That is why you can choose a different method to sell the car even before the lease is up. Of course, before you do it, you must check the contract first to look up whether it allows you to sell the car or not to avoid getting into some problems.

In this case, you can go to the dealers like Carmax when you want to sell the car. They will offer you to pay the rest of car debt when the lease is still not up. However, you should also carefully consider some things, such as your car’s equity. If your car is two months or more away from the end of the lease term, you might consider checking your current equity by contacting the leasing company. Then, ask them for a buyout price. To see if you still have the equity, you can check it by subtracting your buyout price from the car’s current market value.

In addition, if you are selling leased car to Carmax, they will pay off the lease for you. However, sometimes you still have to pay the difference no matter how much they willing to give you and no matter how low the wholesale value of your car is. Moreover, you must also check some other things before selling leased vehicle to Carmax, such as the residual value of your car. If your vehicle’s worthiness is less than the residual value, it means you have to make up the difference.

In some cases, you can also make some money from it if the residential value and equity of the car are high. In fact, at a time where everything is difficult and the car business is also being greatly affected by the pandemic, it is great to help them to regain the business, while also earn some benefits for your own. Of course, you still have to consider many things beforehand, but selling leased car to Carmax can worth your choice because of its convenient deal.

Buick Electra 225 for sale on craigslist and Where to Find It near Me

Buick Electra 225 for sale on craigslist and Where to Find It near Me

There are various places to buy the old or classic cars, but you may consider Buick Electra 225 for sale on craigslist if you adore the cars with a classic design. This type of classic car is the most popular choice of many people, such as car enthusiasts and the general community. Produced in 1959 until 1990, it managed to maintain the popularity on top because the manufacturer still offers many impressive features for an old car.

The design
There’s a reason as to why it has been classified as a full-size luxury car. Despite being a classic car, it has a chic exterior design and various body styles, such as coupe, sedan, or convertible types that pique people interest. Compared to the other sedan, it is usually considered as one of the tops of its category because it has a longer body type, and it offers smoother tires and wheel performance. Even though it is a classic car, Buick Electra 225 for sale on craigslist still offers qualities that are still on par with any popular modern car nowadays.

The updates
From time to time, it has been experiencing lots of repairs and changed lots of its instruments. The most obvious change is that they already redesigned the grille and tail lights compared to the older models. Moreover, it has a gorgeous interior design filled with padded seat cushions, power trunk release, air conditioner, power locks, and many more. The seats have an excellent condition, and these can put you on a comfortable ride despite bumpy roads that you may encounter in the middle of your journey. On top of that, it has an impressive mileage which can bring you to go for more than forty thousand miles without the need to be worried about it stopped abruptly on the middle of the street.

Even though it is quite difficult to find Buick Electra 225 for sale on craigslist near me, you can still find it on Craigslist after you put the locations near your area.  Since it’s an old car, you may find some features already suffered from problems. However, you can still fix them just by using less expensive cars unlike when you have to fix a modern car’s electrical system. If you love classic car and want to buy it at an affordable price, you can consider buying Buick Electra 225 for sale on craigslist as one of your top priorities.

Sondors Electric Bike Amazon Review on the Fold XS Series

Sondors Electric Bike Amazon Review on the Fold XS Series

In this article, a short review of Sondors electric bike Amazon is provided for you who want to deeply know the Sondors e-bike Fold XS series specs before buying it. It is a folding Class 2 e-bike (Class 3 optional) with friendly fat tires, a short wheelbase, telescopic handlebars and a powerful 750watt Bafang back wheel motor with sensitive frequency sensor, twist throttle and torque of 80Nm. Moreover, it has been updated to make it even more customer-friendly in 2020. The folding frame can be folded, so this bike fits in your trunk or vehicle bed. Moreover, a valuable bonus to a direct-to-consumer e-bike is the extended one-year warranty.

In the e-bike market, Sondors has already been a player and offers many bikes for users of all skills. For those who need a compact folding e-bike with such a fantastic blow, Sondors folding electric bike provides a decent choice. The base model does not have added accessories to keep the bike’s price low, so you don’t spend for features you don’t really need. Before buying the folding e-bike, you must first find the cost of Sondors electric bike Amazon, especially the folding XS series. It is officially available in different variants online from Sondors for $1699: Torch orange and Graphite grey. The XS series only provides one body frame size. Nonetheless, to fix things for riders of all ages, there are many customizable features. This bike is a bouncy e-bike that’s perfect for road riding, leisure off-road, zipping through town, or just taking a beach ride.

A sporty, folding e-bike with a powerful rear hub engine, integrated battery, 20′ fatty tires and a good color LCD is the Sondors Fold XS in brief. The Fold XS battery is placed into the chassis, so when you get on and off the bike, it won’t bother you. It slips into or out of the pipe and does not need hardware. For a streamlined build, the battery is conveniently reversible and color adjusted to the frame. There are many controllers for a rear rack and a convenient telescoping kickstand available for the bike.

The crisp-colored frame is adorable, with a powerful engine of 750-watt. To ensure cyclists experience, you get 80Nm of torque. The 7-speed gear set is acceptable. If you adjust wisely, the back derailleur, although just an entry-level, does the job very well. The 180mm hydraulic disc brakes are also impressive. Well, grab Sondors electric bike Amazon fast before it’s sold out.

Maaco Paint Specials 2019, Knowing the Price before Painting Your Car

Maaco Paint Specials 2019, Knowing the Price before Painting Your Car

Before deciding to paint your car, you must first understand the price of Maaco Paint Specials 2019. Maaco is a national paint shop chain that gives a minimum cost of painting work across the country. Still, you have to look to see how much a Maaco paint job would cost. Maaco delivers an overall cost only under $300 to paint the vehicle. It’s not a big deal to strip the car’s old coat of paint. The shop will sell a low-cost painting job.

However, different than conventional department outlets, it uses the color of more inferior quality. After all, you will get the quality of what you are paying. As Maaco is transparent as it will quickly return the vehicle, it is very convenient for many users. It’s vital to recognize Maaco paint specials 2019 costs to paint a car because you don’t want to be robbed by a painting company. It is also necessary to know if there are future expenditures, including car painting.

Besides, you may also understand about Maaco paint job before and after. We know the expense of Maaco, and we’ll hear about several other suppliers of services here. For example, Car Respray ranges from $300 to $900 and delivers a premium job daily. This service provider uses cheap paint to repaint the engine. Earl Schreib, in comparison, costs $900 for the same work.

Nevertheless, you will get Maaco’s relatively high-quality service at about $300. However, with superior painting work, it can range from a higher price to up to $1,500.  Unquestionably, Maaco provides the lowest pricing relative to any other suppliers of painting services. One thing you should note is the paint consistency will decide how long the painting job lasts.

Therefore, selecting a little expensive color for the bodywork that needs multiple phases is critical. It can also take around a week. The color and light may be maintained for longer. The Maaco organization said its facilities are the best option for full-body, touch-up, and injury recovery work. They also come with the offer to be really inexpensive, which can cost any of their services just between $99.00 and $149.00.

Finally, in reaction to the issue of how much a Maaco paint job costs, you eventually discovered it only costs the highest at $300 for standard car painting. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab that cheap cost of Maaco paint specials 2019.

roomiest small SUV

Roomiest Small SUV for You Who Want to Relax in the Car

When you want to find the roomiest small SUV, various articles will come up as a result. There are plenty of large and roomy SUVs if you need legroom. However, those vast SUVs sometimes cost a lot, and maybe not each and every cubic foot is always required. If that’s the case, finding an inexpensive SUV with plenty of room could be more convenient.

There is a slew of SUVs around $30,000 which provide more than enough legroom for the rear seat and total space for luggage. Here are some examples of roomiest luxury SUVs.

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe
There are many others, more luxurious subcompact SUVs. Still, Santa Fe fits in at a low enough price point to make it a serious bargain. The Hyundai Santa Fe is the best product to start this list. Some smaller SUVs (CR-V and Forester) may have better total cargo space. Still, Hyundai Santa Fe comes with the rear seat’s better legroom.

2020 Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V may appear almost similar to the CR-V Hybrid. The absence of hybrid components implies that one of the top cargo capacities in the compact SUV segment has a little more space (only bested by the Forester). With two rows of comfortable seats, Bluetooth networking, a USB port, and push-button ignition, the CR-V is well packed. It also comes with standard avoidance of road exit, identification of traffic signals, and adaptive cruise control.

2020 Jeep Cherokee
This car is another kind of the roomiest small SUV. It delivers exceptional off-road capabilities, the intuitive infotainment device Uconnect, and adjustable front and back seats. Although the cargo area is uninteresting for this SUV type, the rear-seat legroom is one of the best. Via an accessible power steering column or hands-free power liftgate, the cargo area can be controlled.

2020 Chevrolet Equinox
The Chevrolet Equinox has more of a limited inner surface. It has incredible rear-seat legroom, in particular. It also has natural characteristics, such as decent fuel economy and a brilliant reliability performance graph. Moreover, Chevrolet introduces new driver assistance features for 2020 series, such as lane departure warning and prevention of forwarding collisions. The car comes with regular features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for Chevrolet Infotainment 3.

So, those are only few examples. If you look at cars’ price, they are below $30,000 which is relatively cheaper than other SUVs. Therefore, you may have your mind on the roomiest small SUV to buy for yourself.

Nexar Dashboard Camera

Nexar Dashboard Camera: Affordable, Accessible, and Simple with Unlimited Cloud Upload

Nexar dashboard cam helps to record your entire trip and whatever is happening on it. It will be very helpful, especially if you need evidence of a crime that happened to your car or the surrounding environment. It can also record attempted break-ins, hit-and-run incidents, or vandalism. It is not the first dash cam ever, but its various advantages make it the first position. With an affordable price, it provides easy access and unlimited cloud uploads. Plus, it is equipped with outstanding traffic alerts, GPS, as well as day and night captures.

The design and features
Nexar dashboard camera has a simple design but luxurious. Its top is equipped with a slot and a tool for attaching to the glass or windshield. It also has a mini jack for USB connection. This Nexar dash cam is very easy to connect with a mobile device. To connect it with a cellphone, you only need a supporting application then connect your e-mail account. After that, you can check it any time via smartphone. In addition, this camera can also save videos and pictures to the SD card, which you can move at any time. The image or video is automatically uploaded to the cloud, and you can limit the memory usage.

Recording quality
This kind of dash cam has excellent record ability even on gravel or rocky roads. The recording quality is 1080p, and it is very stable against shaking. Even though the colors are quite saturated compared to the colors in the artwork, the recorded images are very accurate and recognizable. Actually, you can also choose a higher resolution even the night images are recorded very well. There is very little orange tint, but overall it is still capable of producing recognizable details.

This outstanding dash cam provides a retarding termination facility. It will turn off after 15 seconds after the power is turned off. This is intended to ensure that all activities can be caught on the camera even after the incident. This cam is also very affordable when compared to the others. With all the available features and easy access, it is only around 150 dollars to 180 dollars.

The only drawback this dashboard camera has is that it makes the cellphone wasteful of battery when used to access it. However, you can fix this by connecting smartphone to the mini jack on the camera. That’s all about Nexar dashboard camera.

Safelite chip repair cost

The Safelite Chip Repair Cost Details and Related Information

Safelite chip repair cost depends on several factors. This may depend on the type of your car, or even on the type of windshield. However, over all, are chip windshield repair costs in Safelite expensive or even too cheap for you? That all depend on the way you look at them. Let’s see the explanation.

Windshield condition
The condition of windshield is very important to note. As we know, windshield is one of the supporters of safety. It has a function more than just for protection from both heat and rain. It also functions as a support the roof of the car. Therefore, if it is fragile and not immediately repaired, it makes the roof of the car is not strong enough. When unwanted things happen, such as accidents, the car will be more easily destroyed and cause injury to the passengers. That’s why as soon as you find out your windshield has chips or cobwebs, you should replace it immediately.

Average cost
Commonly, the average chip repair cost or windshield replacement is about $200 up to $400, while Safelite chip repair cost is priced at $360. It could be even more if you don’t make an appointment. It is quite expensive, right? Yes, it is if you only look at the payment amount. However, you will change your mind when you consider the quality, comfort, and professionalism. In addition, Safelite Autoglass repairs your windshield by protecting its structural integrity. You will never come across any glass technician scams either.

Here are several reasons why this place of reparation and replacement is cheap at this level of price. The first is that it is convenience with some technicians who are willing to come to your hose or wherever you are. You don’t need to rent a car while yours is being repaired. The second is that it is quick, and they work very fast. On average, they can finish their work in just 30 minutes. The third is that other problems can be avoided. Sometimes, repairing or replacing a windshield requires you to break the original factory seal. This can make the front of car more prone to leaks. However, they can handle this problem. Lastly, you help the world to save the environment because they will recycle the replaced glass.

Those are some of the things about chip repair in Safelite. Whether cheap or expensive the Safelite chip repair cost is it is depending on your perspective.