Care Guide

  1. Handling and Storage
    • Keep the charging unit dry and away from humidity, water or moisture. Installation of the device should be done at least 1 foot away from sinks and dishwasher to avoid contact.

    • Do not use or store the device in high or cold temperatures. Abnormal temperatures can damage the device. Use in room temperature.

    • Use the device for its intended purposes only. Improper use may result in a risk of fire, explosion, or other hazard.

    • Do not attempt to modify the device for any reason. Any unauthorized modification can damage the device.

    • Do not handle the device roughly; dropping, throwing, shaking, knocking.

    • Do not shake or apply too much pressure on power jack of the device when plugging in the electrical adaptor.

    • Keep the charging unit away from any electronically driven medical devices due to potential interference with the medical device.


  2. Troubleshooting Instruction
  3. If wireless charging is not working properly, please refer to the following protocol for troubleshooting.

    • Make sure receiver is Qi compatible standard product.

    • Make sure cell phone is placed on right place within the charging area.

    • Make sure no metallic material is between the receiver and charging unit, which can conductively interrupt the transmission.

    • Re-connect individual receiving unit to the cell phone and attempt to charge it again.

    • Unplug and plug back in the power cable from electrical outlet and attempt to charge the cell phone again.

    • Please contact warranty call center for more information if above steps does not resolve the issue.


  4. Caution
    • Wireless charger is sensitive electronic device and to ensure proper operation install at least 1 ft. apart from below areas.

      1. High temperature area
      2. – Oven
        – Heater

      3. Steam or wet area
      4. – Dishwasher
        – Humidifier
        – Sink/Vanity Bowl

    • Do not install Wireless charger underneath metallic material since it transmits the electric power through the material while metallic material interferes power transmitting, and may be overheated.


  5. Warranty
  6. LG Hausys offers a (1) year limited warranty on TechTop product, warranting that the product will be free of manufacturing defects. This warranty covers product defects for a period of one year after the date of installation on product installed using LG Hausys surface material. If during the warranty period the product should fail, LG Hausys will replace the product, free of charge. This (1) year limited warranty applies to TechTop product only and excludes any labor, fabrication or installation.

    *These terms and conditions outlining TechTop’s (1) year warranty supersede all prior communications.

    Need More Help?
    To file a warranty claim, please call 866-767-9764, proof of purchase is required.