TechTop Charging Process
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Please be sure to refer to the Fabrication Manual for complete instructions prior to starting the fabrication process.


I. Dimensions
TechTop Dimension
II. Fabrication


  • Using the CNC machine, The maximum charging range of the transmitter is 9 mm with Viatera in-between the receiver and the transmitter. It is best recommended to set the range at 9 mm for the best performance and to not compromise the integrity of the stone.

  • Route on an area that does not interfere with substrate and is easily accessible. Refer back to the precautions mentioned in our Fabrication Manual depending on the type of the top layout.

  • Avoid routing where the charging unit comes in contact with water and stream for any case of implementation.


TechTop Fabrication Bracket


  1. Fit the charging unit into the bracket with coil facing up towards the bottom of the route-out.

  2. Apply approximately 1cm3 of silicon bond on three red-circled spots.Refer to Section 5
    [Bracket Dimension] in the Fabrication Manual

  3. Do not apply the glue in the center region of the coil.

  4. Place Viatera® upside down on a flat surface and attach the device set (charging unit in bracket) into the route-out.

  5. Wait until the bracket is thoroughly glued and fully attached to the bottom surface.

  6. After finishing regular fabrication of the surface/countertop, connect power adapter to the charging unit power jack embedded in the bracket and electrical outlet.

  7. Check to see if power is on and charging unit is working properly by simply placing the phone with standard Qi receiver. Find its correct charging spot located perpendicular to the center of the coil.

  8. It is recommended to place minimum 1/2″ x 1/2″ mark on the installed surface to indicate charging spot area on the center of charger coil.


III. Technical Specification


  Module Ass’y
  68.1mm(W) x 85.0mm(H) x 11.3mm(D)
  Core Module Ass’y
  63.1mm(W) x 71.94mm(H) x 4.8mm(D)
  Supply Voltage
  WPC Rx IOP Test Condition
  DC 12V/1A
  Operating Frequency
  No Load Standby (Ping Frequency)
  125 KHz
  110KHz ~ 205KHz
  Charging Area
  SPACON Rx / Condition: Rx Coil Center, WPC V1.1.2
  22 x 26mm
  Charging Efficiency
  Phone 1A Charging, 6T
  60% Over
  Charging Temperature
  SPACON Rx 5W Load
Tx Surface Temperature
Ambient Temperature: 25°C
  WPC Standard
  Δt ≤ 10°C
  Phone Dummy
  ≤ 45°C
  Power Consumption
  Standby Power
  Product Only
  ≤ 60mW
  Product with Adaptor
  ≤ 100mW
  WPC Ver 1.1.2
  Over Temperature Protect
  WPC Ver 1.1.2
  New (CR275)


IV. Certification



Qi is an interface global standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for inductive electrical power transfer. The Qi system comprises a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in a portable device. The charging system undergoes resonant inductive coupling in order to charge the device. Tech Top is officially Qi certified by WPC.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a safety consulting and certification company for safety analysis of many new technologies, most notably in electrical industry. UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services to its clients. Tech Top is UL certified product.


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of the United States government which regulates interstate and international communications by many electrical devices such as radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. Tech Top is FCC certified product.


V. Label




Being in the surface business, we understand that the art of your craftsmanship helps transform customer’s vision into reality. Here at LG Hausys, we continue to pave the way by developing and producing innovative products that distinguish us from the rest. In doing so, we always have your challenges in mind when we seek new ways to help our certified fabrication network expand their businesses. We are pleased to be the most trusted brand for surfaces and electronics. Adding TechTop to our HI-MACS® and Viatera® product line enhances our full range of products, colors and styles making LG Hausys proud to be your total surface solution provider.


  • Cats
    • Terminal

  • Cats
    • Restaurant and Bar

  • Cats
    • Cafe and Coffee Shop

  • Cats
    • Shopping

  • Cats
    • VIP Lounge


  • Cats
    • Dining Table

  • Cats
    • Bar

  • Cats
    • Cafe and Coffeeshop

  • Cats
    • Fast Food

  • Cats
    • Powder Room

  • Cats
    • Rooftop Bar and Lounge


  • Room
    • Sports Stadium

  • Room
    • Reception Hall

  • Room
    • Family Entertainment

  • Room
    • Music Hall

  • Room
    • Park

  • Room
    • Museum


  • Cats
    • Fitness Center

  • Cats
    • Bank

  • Cats
    • Car Service Center

  • Cats
    • Shopping Mall

  • Cats
    • Spa and Nail Salon


  • Cats
    • Patient Room

  • Cats
    • Waiting Area

  • Cats
    • Nursing Station

  • Cats
    • Treatment Room

  • Cats
    • Cafeteria

  • Cats
    • Lobby


  • Cats
    • Lecture Hall

  • Cats
    • Student Center

  • Cats
    • Library and Bookstore

  • Cats
    • Dormitory

  • Cats
    • Bus Stop


  • Cats
    • Room

  • Cats
    • Business Center

  • Cats
    • Fitness Center

  • Cats
    • Casino

  • Cats
    • Restaurant and Bar

  • Cats
    • Entertainment

    Office Space

  • Cats
    • Desk Top

  • Cats
    • Meeting Room

  • Cats
    • Cafeteria

  • Cats
    • Lobby


TechTop SustainabilityHelp keep our planet healthy by reducing disposable waste. Chargers, packaging and plastic get thrown away every day. Smart phones are now a way of life. As technology advances so does the need for better battery life. Team up with LG Hausys and be the first to market TechTop in your designs. By offering the innovative technology with our unlimited color palette together we bring product differentiation allowing you to gain competitive advantage.



Meet our inspiring TechTop friendly quartz surface, Viatera®. HI-MACS® and Viatera® meets the current qualifications for TechTop application. Good designers and architects create new visions that nurture the belief anything is possible, beautiful and functional. Together, design has no boundaries without compromising your creativity or needs.


WhyVT_L_Antique-Limestone_VTLogo WhyVT_R_Jumbo_VTLogo.png WhyVT_R_VolcanicRock_VTLogo
• Affordable Luxury

• Superior Strength to Natural Stone

• Easily Resurfaced and Sealant-Free

• Higher Resistance to Stain, Chemical & Heat
• Jumbo Size

• 24% Larger than Standard Size

• More Coverage with Fewer Seams

• Proudly Made in USA
• Environmentally Friendly

• Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process

• GreenGuard / NSF Certified

• Eligible for LEED® Points

*15 Year Transferable Warranty (applicable to Viatera® surface material only)
*Surfaces with large patterns may have noticeable seams. Not all colors are manufactured in the USA. Limited number of Viatera® running colors are SCS certified.