All About TechTop


TechTop Application

Stay connected with TechTop, an embedded surface technology for wireless charging by LG Hausys. Charge your phone on any surface imaginable without tangling cables or hunting for outlets. Simply place your phone on the charging station embedded in HI-MACS® or Viatera® and enjoy the benefits of wireless charging. No more different chargers, no more damaged cords, and no more cluttered cables.

Imagine lounges, airports, hotels, fast food chains, public transportation stations and our homes with TechTop technology seamlessly integrated into the surfaces with a single hidden connection to the outlet. TechTop is a powerful solution readily available to enhance our daily lives.




TechTop Charging Process
1. Place your phone or other compatible device onto TechTop Embedded HI-MACS® or Viatera® Surface, ensure proper alignment and let the charging begin.

2. The battery indicator of the device will change to charging status after a good connection is made.


Simple and Smarter

TechTop is a quick and easy solution to an everyday nuisance. Now you can wirelessly charge any make, model or manufacturer’s compatible device on-the-go. You can charge your device by simply placing it on top of a TechTop Embedded HI-MACS® or Viatera® Surface. The rate of charge automatically reduces once the battery is full to prevent damage and to extend battery life.


Safe and Reliable

With TechTop, wireless charging maintains a safe transfer of power with built-in high voltage and overheating detection. With no exposed conductor, there is minimal risk of fire hazard or electrical shock, making a safer environment for the entire family. LG Hausys offers a full year warranty on the TechTop unit. All TechTop by LG Hausys are UL and FCC Standard Certified for international safety guidelines.


Green and Affordable

Inductive charging allows the consumption of electricity to be minimal, providing a low cost, low maintenance surface solution for safe power transfer compared with the traditional cable-based contact method. Wireless charging helps mobile devices become more energy efficient and sustainable while reducing the number of disposable cables and batteries. TechTop compatible accessories are offered at affordable prices through Amazon stores.