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HEPD80 Surge Protection Device for Residential and Household Uses

HEPD80 Surge Protection Device for Residential and Household Uses

HEPD80 is one of the Home Electronics Protective Devices from Square D. It is a device that will protect and provide surge suppression for electronic items such as refrigerators, washers, stoves, air conditioning or heating equipment, dryers, and lightings which are incompatible with the plug strips. This surge protection device works by blocking high and powerful surges that can go up to about 80 kA that makes it classified as the Type 2 HEPD. By using this equipment, you don’t have to worry about the power spikes that may cause undesired damage to the household alliances and electronics, especially when lightning strikes

To know more about the core features of HEPD80, check out this following list below:

Simple and Quick Installation Process

HEPD80 installation is relatively easy to be done, even for someone who only has basic knowledge about electrical things. Beside the load center, you won’t meet much hassle when trying to install it. However if you have zero idea about how to set it up, it is better to hire professional and licensed electrician.


Compact and Lightweight Build

There are two benefits in having compact sized equipment: the installation is uncomplicated and you could fit into any size of main breaker panel. You do not have to worry that the big and bulky SPD device won’t fit into the circuit breaker panel of yours when you use this.


Flush Mounting Kit and Load Center Color Integration

Now that the Square D has incorporated both the flush mounting kit and load center color integration into this version of HEPD, the users can have easier experience in setting it up.


Resistance Against Harsh Circumstances

The fact that this Type 2 SPD housing device from Schneider has high resistance makes it able to withstand the rough conditions resulting in longer durability. It also rated compatible for indoor and outdoor usage.


Product Warranty for Five Years

All the Square D products come with product warranty for a full five years. In case you’re going through some issues such as lightning bolt and the device fails to suppress the sudden power spike, you can claim up to up to $50,000 assurance for all the electrical appliances and equipment that got burned.

This affordable and compact device makes a great residential surge suppressor. Currently, it is still hard to find the matching competitor for HEPD80 with its powerful and impressive 80,000 amp surge rating.

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