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Knowing P0014 Chevy Equinox Details and Related Information

Knowing P0014 Chevy Equinox Details and Related Information

As a car enthusiast, P0014 Chevy Equinox must be the words you have heard. However, How if you are new and just started knowing the world of cars? Don’t worry as we will discuss it, starting from the understanding to the other important things. Let’s check it out.

Chevy Equinox
Let’s start with the understanding of Chevy Equinox. It is a car produced on the Theta platform. This vehicle offers a variety of functionalities for the driver. It uses four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.4 liters. That way, it offers a very strong power for the driver.

P0014 in P0014 Chevy Equinox is a generic code. It has been determined by the ECM or which stands for Engine Control Module. The code shows that the exhaust camshaft bank of a car is more advanced than what is specified in the ECM. How did this condition occur? The condition occurs during the forward or backward motion of the shaft cam. It may also occur if there is a problem with the exhaust shaft positioning actuator. The aquifer is attached to each camshaft, and it is operated hydraulically by the oil present in the engine to change the angle of the shaft to match the crankshaft position.

In general terms, P0014 CHEVROLET is the condition where there is a problem with the exhaust camshaft position system of your Chevy Equinox. So, what to do? Are there any solutions? Take it easy, you have several options to solve this problem. You can reset the error code by performing a run test. Here, you have to ask a professional mechanic or take a look to the oil. If the oil is dirty, you must replace it immediately. Check the harness to all camshaft position amplifiers if the light remains on after an oil change.

In checking, you have to make sure everything is installed and has the voltage from the battery. You also need to look at two sensors like the item that’s over the location of the camshafts. It is an aquatic to the camshaft. You have to disconnect the ground wire to the battery and then remove the actuator from the machine. Next, install a new actuator and don’t forget to smear it before installing it. Put back everything that you took off earlier. Plug in the actuator and connect the cable to the battery. Hope it works!

That’s all the problems about P0014 Chevy Equinox and the solution. Hope it is useful.

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