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Surge Guard 34850 for Preventive Measure and Protection Surge

Surge Guard 34850 for Preventive Measure and Protection Surge

You need surge guard 34850 for surge protection. While travelling, you may find the area with high risk for having unstable and unsafe electricity. This is when you must avoid damage in your RV. Most electronic appliances have certain level of protection, but it’s not enough. If the source is broken and misfires, there is high chance your devices will not be in normal condition. That’s what power surge does as protection.

Surge protection

Power surge is the first protection capability from this tool. Moreover, you can have more functions, such as open ground, open neutral, pedestal, high neutral current, reverse polarity, and overheating plug. Some areas do not have proper safety guard for their electricity system. When plugging into socket, you must be careful not to conduct unwanted trouble. To avoid such situation, you can install surge guard. Moreover, overheating plug is a risk for extreme fire and power surge. This is when you rely on this tool.


Feature and capability

The main feature is side by side with function, which means the surge protection. Surge guard 34850 has capability to balance the low and high voltage level. Electronic devices have voltage range for their system. When the voltage is high above the maximum, there is a chance for overheating that leads to extreme heat and fire. This situation is different from low voltage, although there is not much danger, but the device has an issue when working properly. If you are at home, the power voltage is mostly balanced and safe. The situation is not in your favor when driving RV and go to remote place. The surge guard comes in handy in such issue. You do not want the electricity system in your RV is ruined, right?



This device is small and portable that’s easy to be in any place. You do not have to worry about the safety measure. The material and cover are high quality and can withstand any force. You can keep this surge guard at outdoor area for long period. The product has manual for instruction. This is important part that owner must know. Even though the surge guard is designed to handle any situation, there is a chance for failure, but at the tiniest probability. Customers have surge guard 34850 warranties for support. As long as you follow the guideline, the issue is avoided. The installation is simple because you can connect this one alongside the power source and plug.

From the explanation above, you know what the surge guard can do. It is not only for the safety of electronic device and electricity system, but also your own. With portable size, you can have at least two for the spare. That’s what you should know about surge guard 34850.

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