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Frontpoint Doorbell Camera as Smart Solution for Your Secure Home

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera as Smart Solution for Your Secure Home

Frontpoint doorbell camera is the real smart solution to let you live and stay comfortably at your own secured home. As you know, the concern about secure environment must be one of top priorities when you choose a home to live in. Many things can happen in this era with high technology. It is sometimes used by irresponsible people out there to take a chance of getting benefits from others.

However, through the same advanced technology, people are also able to protect and secure their comfortable shelter in smart ways, including through doorbell camera installation. As the invention of the trusted home security product, frontpoint doorbell camera installation can be done simply to give a great protection result of a secure home as you dreamed of. Making your home as secure as you want will not be overwhelmed at all.

This home security camera product from Frontpoint is supplemented with sophisticated ability of infrared featured vision. It lets you see clearly in days and nights about who’s in front of your door. It is a truly smart feature that’s specially designed to see clearly, and make sure that you are going to open the door for the right person. Besides, it is also supplemented with two ways audio, so you can hear and speak with whoever knocking your door. Moreover, a great sensor alert of this home security device is always active to allow you know any motion in front of the door even when the doorbell is not pressed.

The design of frontpoint doorbell camera is super slimmest wide length compared to any other doorbell camera products in the market. Moreover, it is designed in two color variants in black and white. To reach this futuristic doorbell camera, it can be planned in affordable price. It is adjustable according the budget you have. Therefore, you do not have to worry about expensive price at all in having a smart home security device as offered by Frontpoint.

The lowest package is available within $69 that’s already included free indoor camera without any contract needed. With this solution, you are able to secure your home without worrying about payment. You can directly secure the home first, and buy later through any easy monthly payment planning. Just adjust the planning to the budget you have. So, what are you waiting for? Start securing your home with frontpoint doorbell camera in affordable price that surely won’t cost you much at all.

Skybell Slimline with Advanced Feature and Technology for Excellent Security

Skybell Slimline with Advanced Feature and Technology for Excellent Security

Your home will be safer after you install the skybell slimline. This product is for security purpose that informs you about the situation outside continuously. You can integrate this bell into internet connection and access via wireless adapter. The security and safety matters are the top priorities that everyone must have. Your home requires more than regular alarm and camera system. To know more about this product, you should read the following explanation.

Recording and surveillance

It has camera to capture and record the video. You will see what happen outside from the live video. On the other hand, the video is also recorded and you can watch later from internal storage. The camera can obtain 180-angle position. Moreover, it has the night vision with infrared. Anyone can spot this camera if you activate this mode. Of course, that’s a part of security purpose. Based on official information, the camera also records audio at standard quality. You can still listen to the video and audio that has been recorded. This product is good tool for surveillance if you should monitor certain area. That purpose includes recording and keeping the security. Built-in microphone and speaker ensure every movement and recording will have proper audio.

Skybell Slimline with Advanced Feature and Technology for Excellent Security

Smart integration

Next feature is smart integration. You can connect this device into your own computer, laptop, and smartphone. After this device is active, you can control the function and feature. People can send the bell and you may answer directly from home. You can speak directly through microphone that has been integrated properly. You will know the person outside your door and this device will open the door automatically. That’s what smart integration supposed to be. Skybell slimline manual will help to handle this one.



It can record and in active mode for long time. Manufacturer adds battery that lasts longer, approximately 3 years. In proper utilization, you may have more battery lifetime that can last 5 years. Such long period makes this one more favorable. You do not have to replace the battery because one is enough until you buy the new one. That’s why you should have skybell slimline.

This product comes alongside the extra support. You must register and subscribe to alarm.com as provider and support for this system. You have more benefits, such as more storage to keep the files and clips online. Another support is smartphone app. You can access the system then send instruction directly even though you are not at home. This app is part of skybell slimline to ensure the function and features work properly during your leave.