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Tag: how do you get rid of mange on a cat?


How to Treat Mange in Cats and Basic Information to Know

Knowing how to treat mange in cats is crucial when your cat is having mange. Before going further, let’s get to know what mange is. So, this is a term referring to a skin disease. The disease is caused by mites in common. In fact, cat’s skin normally has mange mites that live there. It is normal to meet the mange mites in cat. However, there are also mites that are considered as parasites. If they proliferate, those mites in cats can cause mild or severe infections to the skin.

Many people might wonder the causes of mange. In fact, there are three main causes that are usually found. First, there is demodectic mange. It is caused by demodex gatoi or demodex cati. It is not common to be found in cats and not considered as a contagious one. These mites are in cigar-shaped. This is what to be said as natural residents in cats’ skin. Further, disease may appear when they are in huge numbers meaning that a compromised immune system can come up later.

Second, there is notedric mange. Since it is similar to the sarcoptic mange that happens in dogs, it is also known as feline scabies. These mites are the common ones that cause mange in cats. Before knowing how to treat mange in cats, you must realize that these mties can cause skin infections that are severe. It is really contagious and may start to appear on the face and ears. Later on, the infections can spread to the rest of cat’s body. last but not least, there is feline sarcoptic mange or also known as sacoptec scabei. The mites are microscopic, oval-shaped and light-colored. This one is not common.

General symptoms of this disease can be hair loss in cats. Others include intense itching, frantic scratching, and also restlessness. People are also questioning: is it safe to make a contact with cats in mange? One thing that will happen to you who make a contact is the appearance of rash of red bumps. It looks similar to the one that is bitten by mosquito.

As the cat owner, what to do is to bring the cat to a vet. A vet will try to make a diagnosis. Isolation is the first thing to do. It is aimed to prevent it can transfer to other animals and humans. Medications can be added if necessary. Indeed, taking your cat to a vet is the best way of how to treat mange in cats.