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Seafoam Catalytic Converter Cleanser

Seafoam Catalytic Converter Cleanser: Is that a True Fact?

Seafoam catalytic converter cleanser is a myth or fact? Let’s first understand what a catalytic converter and Seafoam are. Catalytic converter or commonly known as exhaust is a tool of catalyzing that does redox reactions to make the poisonous gases less toxic. This tool can be cleaned with two special chemicals. Then, simply, Seafoam is a vehicle cleaner. Then, is it true that it can clean you catalytic converter? Let’s discuss it.

Seafoam can’t clean catalytic converters. It can only clean the fuel engine and the top of engine through the intake. The main function is to clean the fuel injector and valve, as well as the upper area of engine in order to burn efficiently. With the cleanliness of the top engine, the dirt in catalytic converter can be reduced due to fewer emissions. Therefore, Seafoam actually cleans the causes of dirt in the process before the process in catalytic converter. Seafoam catalytic converter cleanser is not true fact because its main job is just to lubricate and clean the entire fuel system, but not the exhaust. However, Seafoam motor treatment will not change or damage your machine because it is made of completely refined earth oil.

The use of this product is actually the same as prevention for the exhaust: prevent dirt on it. Therefore, if it is to clean the catalytic converter, the score is very low. It will not work because the ingredients contained therein are not for that. The composition consists of pale oil, naphtha, and IPA. With this ingredient, it will work when it is added to fuel or oil. It will lift mud that can make noise lift, and remove oil varnish. For the usage, you can add it before changing the oil. It will maintain moisture and fuel stability because it has anti-gel properties. Usually one can is used to clean 60.6 liters of fuel.

There is also the product in form of a spray. Its power is the same as aerosol. If aerosols are air particles that function as respiratory therapy drugs, Seafoam Spray has the same function. It is to clean the fuel lines by spraying it. Spraying is carried out in front of the throttle plate. After that, the engine must then be turned on and allowed to warm up to operate the temperature. Those are the things about Seafoam as the facts you should know. That’s all about the Seafoam catalytic converter cleanser.