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Month: March 2020

Orbi RBK22

Orbi RBK22: The Budget-friendly Alternative of WiFi System Network Kit

For those of you who want to have smaller sized WiFi system for accordingly smaller home with affordable price tag, then Orbi RBK22 might be right up on your alley. As the The Netgear intends to create a product for this targeted market, this device is not a replacement or sequel to any of their prior products, albeit being classified in the same family. RBK22 is designed to attract people who have modestly-sized houses with several tweaked features as the alternative to the other high-end Netgear’s cutting-edge technology devices. The cost has been kept down for the buyers who might be put off by high-priced Orbi system.

Even with the device’s competitive price as its main offer, the Orbi RBK22 specs are by no means can be underestimated. This makes the other Orbi systems’ high price harder to justify. Here are several features from the RBK22 that worth to check out:


The users or someone who’s already familiar with Orbi products must be able to recognize this device instantly. However, the RBK22 is designed with more compact dimension, resulting in much less intrusive satellite system and router. The minimalistic approach on the design used by Orbi definitely looks more attractive when it is shrunk down. You can tuck this smaller unit always without having to draw unwanted attention to the device.



The Orbi has carried the simple and straightforward setup to the system of Orbi RBK22. You can easily connect the device with your Android or iOS with easy-to-use and interactive app to get you through the setting up process. The app will set the IP address automatically making the setup steps rather painless for the new router unit.



Compared to the original product lines of Orbi, the RBK22 has less number of antennas, which unfortunately means the speed is reduced at the same time. However, with three antennas of 866, 866, and 400Mbps, it has decent speed coverage for standard modest home setups. It will be mostly go unnoticeable and won’t limit the speed on most devices unless you happened to have high data traffic.

The RBK22 of Netgear Orbi Choice might be the great selection of home networking kit if you’re looking for something more inexpensive compared to the original Netgear Orbi but still have properly good features. This impressive mix of speed characteristic and user-friendly qualities of Orbi RBK22 works really well with smaller sized homes without having to sacrifice your wallet.

HEPD80 Surge Protection Device for Residential and Household Uses

HEPD80 Surge Protection Device for Residential and Household Uses

HEPD80 is one of the Home Electronics Protective Devices from Square D. It is a device that will protect and provide surge suppression for electronic items such as refrigerators, washers, stoves, air conditioning or heating equipment, dryers, and lightings which are incompatible with the plug strips. This surge protection device works by blocking high and powerful surges that can go up to about 80 kA that makes it classified as the Type 2 HEPD. By using this equipment, you don’t have to worry about the power spikes that may cause undesired damage to the household alliances and electronics, especially when lightning strikes

To know more about the core features of HEPD80, check out this following list below:

Simple and Quick Installation Process

HEPD80 installation is relatively easy to be done, even for someone who only has basic knowledge about electrical things. Beside the load center, you won’t meet much hassle when trying to install it. However if you have zero idea about how to set it up, it is better to hire professional and licensed electrician.


Compact and Lightweight Build

There are two benefits in having compact sized equipment: the installation is uncomplicated and you could fit into any size of main breaker panel. You do not have to worry that the big and bulky SPD device won’t fit into the circuit breaker panel of yours when you use this.


Flush Mounting Kit and Load Center Color Integration

Now that the Square D has incorporated both the flush mounting kit and load center color integration into this version of HEPD, the users can have easier experience in setting it up.


Resistance Against Harsh Circumstances

The fact that this Type 2 SPD housing device from Schneider has high resistance makes it able to withstand the rough conditions resulting in longer durability. It also rated compatible for indoor and outdoor usage.


Product Warranty for Five Years

All the Square D products come with product warranty for a full five years. In case you’re going through some issues such as lightning bolt and the device fails to suppress the sudden power spike, you can claim up to up to $50,000 assurance for all the electrical appliances and equipment that got burned.

This affordable and compact device makes a great residential surge suppressor. Currently, it is still hard to find the matching competitor for HEPD80 with its powerful and impressive 80,000 amp surge rating.

Orbi CBR40 Benefits as the Modern All-In One Cable Modem Router

Orbi CBR40 Benefits as the Modern All-In One Cable Modem Router

Orbi CBR40 is a breakthrough product in the industry, by integrating the first Tri-Band cable modem router. Modem router, as the name implied, is a single device that combines modem and router. Modem works by connecting your computer or cable-connected device to the internet with the help cable or phone lines. Meanwhile, router is a device that sends out the WiFi or wireless signal from the modem to your devices such as computer, smartphones, or tablet. Both are typically connected by wires. Modem router is a one-stop shop to connect to the internet with the features simply packed in a single device.

This modern technology of Orbi CBR40 has built-in cable modem that provides high performance WiFi in the radius up to 2,000 sq. Here are several beneficial features from the device that transcendences its competitors to give you seamless connectivity:


Impressive internet speed

Orbi CBR40 cable modem router has DOCSIS 3.0 modem which equipped by 32 x 8 channel bonding which allows you to get smooth and uninterrupted internet connections. Indulge yourself in maximum 32 times faster than common internet speed, with no buffering and no WiFi dead zones. The reliable connection is ideal from streaming and gaming even within the boundaries of rooms, walls, and floors at the speeds of 2.2 Gbps.


Functionally versatile device

The device has 4 Ethernet ports which can be connected through wire with your gaming console, smart television, and many more. Even if there are more devices connected to your WiFi simultaneously, the CBR40 will be able to maintain its speed thanks to the tri-band technology compared to other dual-band devices. It also has safety features for kids, which is the Circle Smart Parental Controls, a smart and family-friendly attribute to manage online time and content on any connected device. Its compatibility with various Internet Service Providers such as Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, and others is also a big plus.


High-economic benefits

CBR40 could substitute both the modem and router, which means you can save more money and reduce the clutter, all while getting improved WiFi connection.

If you are thinking of replacing your existing WiFi modem and router device, then you might be interested with CBR40. Get proper internet coverage all over your home even in the areas that hard to reach. The advanced features of Orbi CBR40 that work well with different ISPs will make you enjoy the internet experience conveniently with better WiFi network.

Skybell Slimline with Advanced Feature and Technology for Excellent Security

Skybell Slimline with Advanced Feature and Technology for Excellent Security

Your home will be safer after you install the skybell slimline. This product is for security purpose that informs you about the situation outside continuously. You can integrate this bell into internet connection and access via wireless adapter. The security and safety matters are the top priorities that everyone must have. Your home requires more than regular alarm and camera system. To know more about this product, you should read the following explanation.

Recording and surveillance

It has camera to capture and record the video. You will see what happen outside from the live video. On the other hand, the video is also recorded and you can watch later from internal storage. The camera can obtain 180-angle position. Moreover, it has the night vision with infrared. Anyone can spot this camera if you activate this mode. Of course, that’s a part of security purpose. Based on official information, the camera also records audio at standard quality. You can still listen to the video and audio that has been recorded. This product is good tool for surveillance if you should monitor certain area. That purpose includes recording and keeping the security. Built-in microphone and speaker ensure every movement and recording will have proper audio.

Skybell Slimline with Advanced Feature and Technology for Excellent Security

Smart integration

Next feature is smart integration. You can connect this device into your own computer, laptop, and smartphone. After this device is active, you can control the function and feature. People can send the bell and you may answer directly from home. You can speak directly through microphone that has been integrated properly. You will know the person outside your door and this device will open the door automatically. That’s what smart integration supposed to be. Skybell slimline manual will help to handle this one.



It can record and in active mode for long time. Manufacturer adds battery that lasts longer, approximately 3 years. In proper utilization, you may have more battery lifetime that can last 5 years. Such long period makes this one more favorable. You do not have to replace the battery because one is enough until you buy the new one. That’s why you should have skybell slimline.

This product comes alongside the extra support. You must register and subscribe to alarm.com as provider and support for this system. You have more benefits, such as more storage to keep the files and clips online. Another support is smartphone app. You can access the system then send instruction directly even though you are not at home. This app is part of skybell slimline to ensure the function and features work properly during your leave.

Surge Guard 34850 for Preventive Measure and Protection Surge

Surge Guard 34850 for Preventive Measure and Protection Surge

You need surge guard 34850 for surge protection. While travelling, you may find the area with high risk for having unstable and unsafe electricity. This is when you must avoid damage in your RV. Most electronic appliances have certain level of protection, but it’s not enough. If the source is broken and misfires, there is high chance your devices will not be in normal condition. That’s what power surge does as protection.

Surge protection

Power surge is the first protection capability from this tool. Moreover, you can have more functions, such as open ground, open neutral, pedestal, high neutral current, reverse polarity, and overheating plug. Some areas do not have proper safety guard for their electricity system. When plugging into socket, you must be careful not to conduct unwanted trouble. To avoid such situation, you can install surge guard. Moreover, overheating plug is a risk for extreme fire and power surge. This is when you rely on this tool.


Feature and capability

The main feature is side by side with function, which means the surge protection. Surge guard 34850 has capability to balance the low and high voltage level. Electronic devices have voltage range for their system. When the voltage is high above the maximum, there is a chance for overheating that leads to extreme heat and fire. This situation is different from low voltage, although there is not much danger, but the device has an issue when working properly. If you are at home, the power voltage is mostly balanced and safe. The situation is not in your favor when driving RV and go to remote place. The surge guard comes in handy in such issue. You do not want the electricity system in your RV is ruined, right?



This device is small and portable that’s easy to be in any place. You do not have to worry about the safety measure. The material and cover are high quality and can withstand any force. You can keep this surge guard at outdoor area for long period. The product has manual for instruction. This is important part that owner must know. Even though the surge guard is designed to handle any situation, there is a chance for failure, but at the tiniest probability. Customers have surge guard 34850 warranties for support. As long as you follow the guideline, the issue is avoided. The installation is simple because you can connect this one alongside the power source and plug.

From the explanation above, you know what the surge guard can do. It is not only for the safety of electronic device and electricity system, but also your own. With portable size, you can have at least two for the spare. That’s what you should know about surge guard 34850.