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Month: April 2020

surge guard 34930

Surge Guard 34930 as the Protection against Electrical Issues in Your RV

When you have RV and love spending time for various adventures, you may need to have surge guard 34930 as additional devices. Your RV can be comfortable vehicle and house at the same time. You will have your own moving house. However, when you have to access the power, such as by using the RV power cord, you will need to be careful. There can be some issues with the power, and it must be fully secured. In this case, the device will help to make sure the power is secured to access.

In fact, you need proper protection for the power. RV may have enough power, yet it is not stable enough to access. The power cord may also have some issues, so you need to be careful. In this case, having Southwire Surge Guard 34930 can give better safety in accessing the power. This device protects you from power surges that may suddenly appear. Then, you will also be safe since overheating is also anticipated. Moreover, low and high voltage can be adjusted, and you do not need to do things manually. Moreover, the things can be managed and monitored from this device.

Of course, one of the good points about surge guard 34930 is about its portability. The design is quite simple since it is like a small stick that will not be difficult to bring. The design is made compact, so it will not take much space in your RV. With its shape, you can easily use the device without any problem, and it can be easily connected to the power source or power cord without any issues.

In addition, you can monitor the things from LCD display. It gives you the exact information about the voltage and other information regarding the performance of device. There is also LED as the indicator when the device is working properly. In the time delay in its restarting or resetting process, LED also shows different color and its LCD will show the exact countdown until the device is ready to work.

In order to easily use the device, the manufacturer already provides the complete and comprehensive instruction sheet. It shows all of the features and functions in each part of the device. Even, there is page containing the troubleshooting of 34930 Surge Guard. With this, you can easily use the device and get full protection in accessing the power of your RV. Surely, surge guard 34930 is necessary device to bring when you are driving the RV.

Nest Nc2400es for Security Camera with Advanced Features and Technology

Nest Nc2400es for Security Camera with Advanced Features and Technology

Security is the top priority that you can have with nc2400es. This camera generates high-resolution video with 130-degree angle. You can inspect and check all area directly while monitoring and controlling the camera from the far location. It is useful for the place or house that requires quick security system.

Security camera

This camera is dedicated for security purpose. You can see live video for 24/7 without delay. Anyone, object, and anything will be visible. Moreover, the video quality is 1080p that’s enough to check everything as detail as possible. This camera can capture small object and you will recognize easily. That resolution can be enlarged with enough pixel to check the detail. Another feature on camera is the night vision with excellent illumination. After you know who is in front of your house, there is microphone and speaker for communication. This camera also has built-in audio to support that feature.


High durability

Most camera is installed at outside but it still has cover. One common problem is weather because most cameras will break as they cannot withstand the extreme weather. That’s not your concern anymore because nc2400es is designed with high durability. Waterproof material and cover ensure the system will work properly. You can plug into electricity source and keep the camera awake without worrying about battery. In addition, the adapter and cable are weatherproof.


Easy installation

People think security camera is complex gear. The instruction requires specific tool that most people do not have. Moreover, you still have to adjust few systems to ensure the camera works properly. That’s not what you get when having this product. Manufacturer develops this camera to be reliable and simple. In fact, it only takes few minutes for installation process. The camera uses magnetic handling that can be attached in any place. You can put and install it anywhere as long as it is high enough from normal jump.


Smartphone App

You may talk via microphone directly, but it is not quite necessary because the nest camera can access smartphone app. It sends alter and connect directly to the person at outside while you may talk directly. This feature helps user to be in alert every time. That is the additional feature you can have from this product.

The features and capabilities have been explored at above section. You know what you will have when buying this product. For installation and operating procedure, manufacturer provides manual. You can also integrate this camera into home digital system. That’s what you obtain from nc2400es.

Orbi Rbk43 as Home Wi-Fi System with Simple Installation and High Speed

Orbi Rbk43 as Home Wi-Fi System with Simple Installation and High Speed

If you need stable connection at home, orbi rbk43 becomes the right answer. It is product for Wi-Fi system with one gear to support all necessary installation. You do not need extra router because the system already has this technology.


Coverage is the key factor before choosing Wi-Fi system and gear. This device has several variations depending on how large coverage you want. The smallest one is approximately 4,000 sq, and the biggest one is about 8,000 sq. More coverage requires not just two packs. You can buy three or four to make the Wi-Fi system cover the wide area properly. Based on official information, orbi rbk43 is capable to expand from basement until the top floor. Of course, this is for home installation which means the floor is not as many as building. The coverage may extend if you put more packs and combine them into single connection. However, this is not recommended if your house is very large. It is best to separate into two Wi-Fi system for better connectivity.


Speed and access

This Wi-Fi system is compatible to the latest technology, mostly 802.11ac with utmost speed. Normal connection will deliver 2,200 Mbps as data transfer. You can upgrade and add more speed if you put extra bandwidth. Technology uses MU-MIMO. It is common for the latest Wi-Fi adapter. You may compare between this product and others regarding the connectivity level. The result is still in this product favor. Of course, you can put more packs and add extra connection to boost the speed and access. Another thing to consider is speed that will depend on internet provider you choose. However, this product will provide the highest possibility connection in your home. Well, speed is the main factor when you read about orbi rbk43 review.


Router and extender

One good thing about this product is you do not need buying router and extender. One product is capable to handle router works. From its name, you see this product is home Wi-Fi system, which means all necessary gears are already available and installed. You just change few things and adjust them with service provider on your home. Then, your Wi-Fi will deliver fast speed. After the installation is done, the system can handle many devices simultaneously while dividing the speed equally.

With this product, you can expend Wi-Fi coverage properly. Basement and second floor will not have any issue when accessing to Wi-Fi. You can enjoy internet even though you are not at the near position from the device. That’s what you obtain when having orbi rbk43.

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera as Smart Solution for Your Secure Home

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera as Smart Solution for Your Secure Home

Frontpoint doorbell camera is the real smart solution to let you live and stay comfortably at your own secured home. As you know, the concern about secure environment must be one of top priorities when you choose a home to live in. Many things can happen in this era with high technology. It is sometimes used by irresponsible people out there to take a chance of getting benefits from others.

However, through the same advanced technology, people are also able to protect and secure their comfortable shelter in smart ways, including through doorbell camera installation. As the invention of the trusted home security product, frontpoint doorbell camera installation can be done simply to give a great protection result of a secure home as you dreamed of. Making your home as secure as you want will not be overwhelmed at all.

This home security camera product from Frontpoint is supplemented with sophisticated ability of infrared featured vision. It lets you see clearly in days and nights about who’s in front of your door. It is a truly smart feature that’s specially designed to see clearly, and make sure that you are going to open the door for the right person. Besides, it is also supplemented with two ways audio, so you can hear and speak with whoever knocking your door. Moreover, a great sensor alert of this home security device is always active to allow you know any motion in front of the door even when the doorbell is not pressed.

The design of frontpoint doorbell camera is super slimmest wide length compared to any other doorbell camera products in the market. Moreover, it is designed in two color variants in black and white. To reach this futuristic doorbell camera, it can be planned in affordable price. It is adjustable according the budget you have. Therefore, you do not have to worry about expensive price at all in having a smart home security device as offered by Frontpoint.

The lowest package is available within $69 that’s already included free indoor camera without any contract needed. With this solution, you are able to secure your home without worrying about payment. You can directly secure the home first, and buy later through any easy monthly payment planning. Just adjust the planning to the budget you have. So, what are you waiting for? Start securing your home with frontpoint doorbell camera in affordable price that surely won’t cost you much at all.

Simplisafe Simplicam, the Home Security Cameras that Truly Has Simple Features

Simplisafe Simplicam, the Home Security Cameras that Truly Has Simple Features

Simplisafe Simplicam is a home security camera that was launched back in late 2019. It is retailed at $99, which is classified as the mid-range price inside the security camera industry. With the trend of companies compete to release cheaper cameras in $50 or less price range, it may not be your main choice. However, this could be worth to try if you already installed SimpliSafe security system. Here is the breakdown of the Simplicam’s details.


Beside the initial price, Simplisafe also offers the cloud storage plan which cost about $4.99/month or multi-camera cloud storage plan that cost $9.99/month. It allows you to see video that recorded if the camera is triggered by motion alarms. This is the average price compared to the other security camera companies’ product plans.



Simplisafe Simplicam provides imagery with 720p resolution, which is lower than the standard of security cameras nowadays at 1080p. The camera could capture view widely enough at a 120-degree field without any zoom or pan features. The body is a bit bulkier but more lightweight compared to other similar cameras. The usage is also more ideal for the indoor use. Besides the camera, you’d also get power adapter and power cable inside the box.



Just like the name, this Simplicam has simple and limited, but enough features to boot. It has several standard security camera features, such as motion detection, night vision, event timeline, live feed, status light, two-way talk, and privacy stutter. The last feature is the only special one from the list. This feature allows you to hide the live feed or disable the active motion detector, and watch it from your app.



Unsurprisingly, the Simplisafe Simplicam installation is a piece of cake to do. You only have to plug the camera in, download the Simpliface application and follow the instruction inside the app to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. However, this simplicity comes with some limitations. For instance, the camera is only able to stand rather than being attached to the wall. The design makes the camera can only stick to the flat vertical surface unless you want to tape it to the wall.

As mentioned before, the device is more worth if you’re a user of SimpliSafe system already. You might want to look for another security camera with better value if you’re a first-time user. Simplisafe Simplicam integrates well with other security products of the company and has accessible features from the app.

Siemens FS140 as Excellent Choice of Safe and High-Quality Home Surge Protection

Siemens FS140 as Excellent Choice of Safe and High-Quality Home Surge Protection

Siemens FS140 is the powerful home surge protection device that has affordable price and suitable for the average homeowners who doesn’t want to create a hole in their wallet. This surge protector performs at the massive 140,000 volts, a number that exceed the expectation of most people. It retails at $200 while offering the four major protection modes which are the L-N, L-G, N-G, and L-L. The equipment is also uses the Type 4 operation to extend its lifespan and makes it perfect for outdoor usage. Check out several key specifications of the protector in the following points.


Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV)

With the promised power of 140,000A MSCC, a lot of people expect the Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage or MCOV of this device to run at least higher than the other 100,000A MSCC units. However, seems like it still holds to the average standard. This model also provides 300C mode option on L-L mode, as well as 150V MCOV when you use it in L-N, L-G, and N-G modes. This number proves that the model can work reliably still.


Voltage Protective Rating (VPR)

The Siemens FS140’s VPRs are seemingly really suitable for its built. It runs a 900C of protections at L-L modes, while for the other modes which are the L-N, L-G, and N-G; it is able to maintain the 600V VPR power. Whichever mode you are using, you may be pleasantly surprised by the fact that this unit could exceed these numbers sometimes without having to decrease its ability to repress the power surge.


Mode of Protection

The last of Siemens FS140 specs is the protection mode. The FirstSurge products line has this traditions with their entire surge protector, which is to provide the entirely four major protection modes. This is what makes their products special. The experienced users of surge protection device are able to make adjustment to the unit, in order to create their own surge protecting goals. The manual for this model also write the readable specification of the L-N, L-G, N-G, and L-L modes in detailed breakdowns, to ensure that the unit works efficiently for you.

If you’re decided to purchase this model, you’d get an excellent warranty of 10 years as it has been the standard for the Siemens’ other surge protector. The company also offers replacement for Siemens FS140 for the first decade of use, in case you need coverage for damages caused by the unit’s failure.