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Month: May 2020

Guardzilla GZ100W

Guardzilla GZ100W, the Smart Wireless and Remotely Controlled Security Camera

The Guardzilla GZ100W might be a great option for those who are concerned about safety around the residence. This camera security is capable of recording any activity happens in certain areas in the house with satisfying clarity.  The wireless tool is doing something beyond those capabilities, though. This camera guard is connected through Wi-Fi system. Thus, you can operate it anywhere in the house where Wi-Fi connection is still able to reach it. Please note that this camera runs on AA batteries so you still have to change the batteries every once in a while.

The quality of recording by this security tool is not bad. Its video resolution is 720p or High Definition quality. The camera has infrared for night recording option. You can easily zoom in or put the camera on wide angle mode. There is a movement detector in the camera too, which you may find to be very handy.  This camera is also capable of picking up sounds because it has good audio recording system. It is also supporting Bluetooth connection so you can transfer data in the storage space to another device with Bluetooth really easily.

Would the Guardzilla GZ100W survive when being placed outside? Of course it would. The material that constitutes this camera is weatherproof and thus will not wear down easily even if you put it under extreme condition for a while. Buyers are also satisfied to know the fact that it has been synchronized with major tech companies AI tools. It makes the process of running the series a whole lot easier.

When installing this camera, it is very crucial to follow Guardzilla GZ100W manual. This will prevent mistakes in installation, so the camera can be utilized optimally. Before getting started with the installation steps, it is important to download the camera’s special app on the app store. In addition to help installing it, the app would be useful in the future to manage the camera. In the app, you may find some premium plans offered.

Most reviews for this camera tend to vary between very satisfying and moderately. There are users who reported that although its camera quality is as advertised, they would feel better to have FHD or at least 1280p video resolution. Nonetheless, people are quite impressed that compared to its price, the product has a high quality result. If you ever in need of affordable security camera, then purchasing Guardzilla GZ100W the might be the right move.

Waylens Secure360 4G

Waylens Secure 360 4G Best Features for Your Car

Waylens Secure360 4G by far is the best dashboard camera or people like to call “dashcam” for your car. Installing a security camera or this dashcam in the car is quite essential because it can prevent you from great loss, such as losing your car. Why this sophisticated dashcam from Waylens is the best one to buy? Get to know its amazing features down below.


360-Degree HD Vision

The best thing about this camera is the fact that it can be used to record the surrounding of the car to the fullest. The camera has 360-degree vision in HD, 4K quality. The camera can rotate itself to provide you with all the recording that you need. This is why the camera is one of the best products today to buy.


Advanced Night Vision Mode

This Waylens Secure360 4G camera has the ability of recording for 15 days straight. It means that it can record nonstop at night, too. The best thing about it is that the night recording will be as clear as its day version, too. The camera has the best night vision mode. Its infrared sensor provides vivid recording even in the situation with lowest light around it. So, even in the dead of the night you can still see everything quite clearly.


High-Speed 4G LTE

Waylens Secure360 4G price is a bit higher from its predecessor because it is now has strong, reliable 4G LTE technology. The high-speed connection allows you to track the car and see everything live at that moment very easily. The connection also allows the recording to be stored right to a synchronized cloud storage set earlier.


Location Tracking

Usually, a dashboard camera cannot provide location tracking. This new camera from Waylens can do it for you, of course. The camera has integrated GPS inside of it, allowing you to track the location of the car. All you need to do is just checking its synchronized mobile app on your phone and see where your car is at.

From the features above, you can tell that the Waylens dashboard camera is the best one for your car. Besides the fact that the price is reasonable, you can get a lot of benefits from installing the camera in the car. This is why every car owner out there needs to consider getting this Waylens Secure360 4G for the sake of their car’s security.

Lorex LNB8105X

Lorex LNB8105X Security Camera as the Best Tool for Your Property

Home security system won’t be complete without LNB8105X. This is the best security camera from Lorex that every home owner needs to buy and install in their property. The camera is versatile as it can be used both for indoor security system and outdoor one. Find out about the security camera and its sophisticated features in the explanation down below.


Full Color 4K Video

Keeping an eye on the house will be easier to do when the camera has the ability to record the surrounding in 4K or HD quality. LNB8105X can do it very easily. The camera records everything in full color and in HD quality. The recording won’t be grainy or blurry at all. You can watch the recording clearly and can even zoom it in easily, too.


All-Weather Security Camera

When you read LNB8105X review, you can tell that a lot of people dub this camera as “all weather” security camera. Why so? It is because the camera is very sturdy and reliable to use even during the most extreme weather condition. The camera can still perform well and record in freezing weather of 30-degree Celsius or -22-degree Fahrenheit. So, essentially, this camera can be placed outdoor and will definitely record even during blizzard or heavy rainstorm.


Dual Motion Detection Technology

The most important feature that a home security camera needs to have is motion detection. That way, when suspicious motions are detected, the camera can trigger the alarm to go off or notice the homeowner right away. This Lorex camera has not only one but two motion detection sensors. Even the smallest motion can be detected by the camera and if it is suspicious, it will alert the homeowner instantly.


Smart IR Night Vision Mode

The camera is using advanced IR (infrared) technology to operate its night vision. It means that even in the darkest of night, decent recording can still be provided by the camera. You won’t have any difficulties in looking at the surrounding of the house when there is no proper lighting around the area.

There are so many things that can go wrong in a house or in a property. Awful circumstances like someone breaking into the house or something even worse can happen when the house is not secured. This is why installing security system is necessary. LNB8105X is going to be the best camera for your house’s security system as it is very reliable and provides solid performances.

Orbi rbk33

Orbi RBK33 Wireless System to Provide Best Internet Access in Your House

When you have problems in accessing wireless connection your house, rbk33 can be the solution. This device provides nice innovation that will not make you disappointed anymore. The device also has great feature that provide the best performance in accessing internet connection.

There are some useful features offered by this device. Powerful features can be obtained by this simple and unique stuff. These features will solve the issues with the weak connection and internet speed. Here are some features to help you:


Tri-band Wi-Fi

This becomes the first and ultimate feature that you can enjoy. When you buy the Orbi RBK33, you will be able to get additional third band device. The additional device can be automatically connected to the main router. This will add the coverage of your wireless connection, and it can cover large area of your house.


Nice design

Its design looks nice and unique. However, the main point is about its simple and compact size. It will enable you to easily install and place the device in certain area or spot of your house. Even, it can be easily mounted or attached on the wall. With its design, you get no problem in finding the right place for the router.


Fast connection

The connection is also affected by the router that you are using. In this case, the maximum speed offered by rbk33 is up to 2.2Gbps. This will make sure that your internet connection can be delivered in its optimum speed, so the device that you are using no longer gives obstacles for you in reaching the best internet speed as what is promised by the provider.


Parental control

When you have kids in your house, sometimes you have worries when you leave your kids with their gadget. In this case, you are able to monitor and check the histories. Then, you are able to schedule the access and even you can easily terminate the device from your gadget.


Easy to use

It is very easy to setup and manage the device. You only need to use your smartphone to see the setting and management of the device. Of course, the feature of parental control can be accessed from your mobile device without any problem.

These features surely become great reasons to choose the device. It will give the solution in dealing with internet connection. Once you have this device installed in your house, you will not need to worry about the slow internet connection and small range of connectivity. Well, all of the problems are solved by rbk33.