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JCPenney Appliances Washer Dryer, and Why You Should Buy One

JCPenney Appliances Washer Dryer, and Why You Should Buy One

You should consider JCPenney appliances washer dryer if you need to buy one with nice offers. At JCPenney, you can choose a washer dryer from well-known brand or a new hot brand. Everything is new, and of course there are warranties for each available product. Besides the undoubted quality of this washer dryer, you may have wondered why you should choose JCPenney. Here are some reasons to buy a washer dryer at this store.


Easy to Reach Shop with Free Delivery Service

Before 1966, JCPenney stores were only located in the city centers. However, along with the development of times and the increasing demand for consumer needs, JCPenney began to develop its retail business to reach a wider area. You can now find the stores in almost every mall in the city center and even the suburbs. This surely will make it easier for you to shop because you don’t have to worry about thinking about the distance anymore.

You also don’t have to worry about how to bring JCPenney appliances washer dryer home later. JCPenney provides 100% free shipping to your home over a distance of up to 10 Km. In addition, the staff on duty will provide services in form of basic installation of the washer dryer that you have purchased. Don’t forget the delivery service is the same day delivery, so you can try it at home right away.


Offer Promos and Installments

You will find various offers of washing machine at JCPenney if you decide to buy one. The loveliest promo is up to 40% discount for washer dryer brands with hot deals starting from Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, and many more. To get this direct discount, you are required to pay fully in advance. However, if you want to make payments in installments, JCPenney accepts it. You can get an installment offer with a tenor of 18 or 30 months. The two tenors offered have low interest rates, so you don’t have to think twice about applying for installments.


Additional Rewards

As another benefit to shop at JCPenney, you will get an immediate reward in form of goods for up to $100. You will also get JC points that can be exchanged for other interesting promos or other items. If you make a payment using JCPenney credit card, you will earn 2 points for every $1 purchase. However, if you make a payment with another method, you will only get 1 point for every $1 purchase. Points are limited by a maximum payout of $100 of JCPenney appliances washer dryer.


surge guard 34930

Surge Guard 34930 as the Protection against Electrical Issues in Your RV

When you have RV and love spending time for various adventures, you may need to have surge guard 34930 as additional devices. Your RV can be comfortable vehicle and house at the same time. You will have your own moving house. However, when you have to access the power, such as by using the RV power cord, you will need to be careful. There can be some issues with the power, and it must be fully secured. In this case, the device will help to make sure the power is secured to access.

In fact, you need proper protection for the power. RV may have enough power, yet it is not stable enough to access. The power cord may also have some issues, so you need to be careful. In this case, having Southwire Surge Guard 34930 can give better safety in accessing the power. This device protects you from power surges that may suddenly appear. Then, you will also be safe since overheating is also anticipated. Moreover, low and high voltage can be adjusted, and you do not need to do things manually. Moreover, the things can be managed and monitored from this device.

Of course, one of the good points about surge guard 34930 is about its portability. The design is quite simple since it is like a small stick that will not be difficult to bring. The design is made compact, so it will not take much space in your RV. With its shape, you can easily use the device without any problem, and it can be easily connected to the power source or power cord without any issues.

In addition, you can monitor the things from LCD display. It gives you the exact information about the voltage and other information regarding the performance of device. There is also LED as the indicator when the device is working properly. In the time delay in its restarting or resetting process, LED also shows different color and its LCD will show the exact countdown until the device is ready to work.

In order to easily use the device, the manufacturer already provides the complete and comprehensive instruction sheet. It shows all of the features and functions in each part of the device. Even, there is page containing the troubleshooting of 34930 Surge Guard. With this, you can easily use the device and get full protection in accessing the power of your RV. Surely, surge guard 34930 is necessary device to bring when you are driving the RV.

Siemens FS140 as Excellent Choice of Safe and High-Quality Home Surge Protection

Siemens FS140 as Excellent Choice of Safe and High-Quality Home Surge Protection

Siemens FS140 is the powerful home surge protection device that has affordable price and suitable for the average homeowners who doesn’t want to create a hole in their wallet. This surge protector performs at the massive 140,000 volts, a number that exceed the expectation of most people. It retails at $200 while offering the four major protection modes which are the L-N, L-G, N-G, and L-L. The equipment is also uses the Type 4 operation to extend its lifespan and makes it perfect for outdoor usage. Check out several key specifications of the protector in the following points.


Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV)

With the promised power of 140,000A MSCC, a lot of people expect the Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage or MCOV of this device to run at least higher than the other 100,000A MSCC units. However, seems like it still holds to the average standard. This model also provides 300C mode option on L-L mode, as well as 150V MCOV when you use it in L-N, L-G, and N-G modes. This number proves that the model can work reliably still.


Voltage Protective Rating (VPR)

The Siemens FS140’s VPRs are seemingly really suitable for its built. It runs a 900C of protections at L-L modes, while for the other modes which are the L-N, L-G, and N-G; it is able to maintain the 600V VPR power. Whichever mode you are using, you may be pleasantly surprised by the fact that this unit could exceed these numbers sometimes without having to decrease its ability to repress the power surge.


Mode of Protection

The last of Siemens FS140 specs is the protection mode. The FirstSurge products line has this traditions with their entire surge protector, which is to provide the entirely four major protection modes. This is what makes their products special. The experienced users of surge protection device are able to make adjustment to the unit, in order to create their own surge protecting goals. The manual for this model also write the readable specification of the L-N, L-G, N-G, and L-L modes in detailed breakdowns, to ensure that the unit works efficiently for you.

If you’re decided to purchase this model, you’d get an excellent warranty of 10 years as it has been the standard for the Siemens’ other surge protector. The company also offers replacement for Siemens FS140 for the first decade of use, in case you need coverage for damages caused by the unit’s failure.

HEPD80 Surge Protection Device for Residential and Household Uses

HEPD80 Surge Protection Device for Residential and Household Uses

HEPD80 is one of the Home Electronics Protective Devices from Square D. It is a device that will protect and provide surge suppression for electronic items such as refrigerators, washers, stoves, air conditioning or heating equipment, dryers, and lightings which are incompatible with the plug strips. This surge protection device works by blocking high and powerful surges that can go up to about 80 kA that makes it classified as the Type 2 HEPD. By using this equipment, you don’t have to worry about the power spikes that may cause undesired damage to the household alliances and electronics, especially when lightning strikes

To know more about the core features of HEPD80, check out this following list below:

Simple and Quick Installation Process

HEPD80 installation is relatively easy to be done, even for someone who only has basic knowledge about electrical things. Beside the load center, you won’t meet much hassle when trying to install it. However if you have zero idea about how to set it up, it is better to hire professional and licensed electrician.


Compact and Lightweight Build

There are two benefits in having compact sized equipment: the installation is uncomplicated and you could fit into any size of main breaker panel. You do not have to worry that the big and bulky SPD device won’t fit into the circuit breaker panel of yours when you use this.


Flush Mounting Kit and Load Center Color Integration

Now that the Square D has incorporated both the flush mounting kit and load center color integration into this version of HEPD, the users can have easier experience in setting it up.


Resistance Against Harsh Circumstances

The fact that this Type 2 SPD housing device from Schneider has high resistance makes it able to withstand the rough conditions resulting in longer durability. It also rated compatible for indoor and outdoor usage.


Product Warranty for Five Years

All the Square D products come with product warranty for a full five years. In case you’re going through some issues such as lightning bolt and the device fails to suppress the sudden power spike, you can claim up to up to $50,000 assurance for all the electrical appliances and equipment that got burned.

This affordable and compact device makes a great residential surge suppressor. Currently, it is still hard to find the matching competitor for HEPD80 with its powerful and impressive 80,000 amp surge rating.

Surge Guard 34850 for Preventive Measure and Protection Surge

Surge Guard 34850 for Preventive Measure and Protection Surge

You need surge guard 34850 for surge protection. While travelling, you may find the area with high risk for having unstable and unsafe electricity. This is when you must avoid damage in your RV. Most electronic appliances have certain level of protection, but it’s not enough. If the source is broken and misfires, there is high chance your devices will not be in normal condition. That’s what power surge does as protection.

Surge protection

Power surge is the first protection capability from this tool. Moreover, you can have more functions, such as open ground, open neutral, pedestal, high neutral current, reverse polarity, and overheating plug. Some areas do not have proper safety guard for their electricity system. When plugging into socket, you must be careful not to conduct unwanted trouble. To avoid such situation, you can install surge guard. Moreover, overheating plug is a risk for extreme fire and power surge. This is when you rely on this tool.


Feature and capability

The main feature is side by side with function, which means the surge protection. Surge guard 34850 has capability to balance the low and high voltage level. Electronic devices have voltage range for their system. When the voltage is high above the maximum, there is a chance for overheating that leads to extreme heat and fire. This situation is different from low voltage, although there is not much danger, but the device has an issue when working properly. If you are at home, the power voltage is mostly balanced and safe. The situation is not in your favor when driving RV and go to remote place. The surge guard comes in handy in such issue. You do not want the electricity system in your RV is ruined, right?



This device is small and portable that’s easy to be in any place. You do not have to worry about the safety measure. The material and cover are high quality and can withstand any force. You can keep this surge guard at outdoor area for long period. The product has manual for instruction. This is important part that owner must know. Even though the surge guard is designed to handle any situation, there is a chance for failure, but at the tiniest probability. Customers have surge guard 34850 warranties for support. As long as you follow the guideline, the issue is avoided. The installation is simple because you can connect this one alongside the power source and plug.

From the explanation above, you know what the surge guard can do. It is not only for the safety of electronic device and electricity system, but also your own. With portable size, you can have at least two for the spare. That’s what you should know about surge guard 34850.