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Alta Motors Redshift MX electric dirt bike 2

Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike as Silent Assassin in Motocross World

As an electric motorcycle, Alta motors Redshift MX electric dirt bike has shaken the motocross world for its silence and strong engine. With its electronics kit and battery-motor system, the 2018 Redshift MXR Motocross platform upgrades the standard in both departments and introduces a significant upgrade. To hold the rivalry in place, it boasts more strength, less weight, better recharging times, and better heat control. Why this model is named a silent assassin, though? Here are some strong points of the model.

For an enduro motorcycle designer, the design and curve models have never been the central feature of the production. The designers aim to keep the body lean and healthy, and Alta Motors Redshift MX electric dirt bike is the result. This supermoto would be purely off the asphalt, having no headlights or a license plate. The body panels on the Redshift, imported from a firm called Acerbis, achieve world-class specifications in reliability, design, fit, and finish. With Yellow-Orange-Red graphics of the company that keep it looking new all the time, Alta has done an excellent job of giving it some color. With high fenders, uni-body seats, and slim shrouds, the MXR crosses all the boxes correctly.

The Redshift MXR’s engine is optimized to cope with any existing 350cc gasoline-powered enduro motorcycle. It is fitted with 50-hp motor and maximum velocity of 147 lb-ft at 0 rpm. At lower temperature ranges, the bike receives an improved R5.8 Battery Pack that provides maximum power capacity. According to the manufacturer, the 14,000 high revs electric motor is “among the most popular in motocross” pound for pound. The MXR will also have dual off-board charging configurations (2.7kW or 3.3kW) on the battery model. It will provide a maximum charge in just 1.5 hours using the 240-volt quick charger. That is one hell of a fast-charging bike.

Well, Alta obviously was the first player to sell one that offers off-road electric motorcycle adventure in one tiny kit with electric bikes beginning to become trendy these days. With a fast, compact, and noise-free motorcycle that cracked the norm of the way enduro riding is appreciated these days, their Redshift series reshaped electric enduro/dirt bikes. All the specifications make it the best electric dirt bike available. Moreover, this dirt bike comes at an affordable price. You can easily find the cost by searching for Alta electric dirt bike price. Because of the strong points above, the term “silent assassin” is named after Alta Motors Redshift MX electric dirt bike.