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Orbi rbk33

Orbi RBK33 Wireless System to Provide Best Internet Access in Your House

When you have problems in accessing wireless connection your house, rbk33 can be the solution. This device provides nice innovation that will not make you disappointed anymore. The device also has great feature that provide the best performance in accessing internet connection.

There are some useful features offered by this device. Powerful features can be obtained by this simple and unique stuff. These features will solve the issues with the weak connection and internet speed. Here are some features to help you:


Tri-band Wi-Fi

This becomes the first and ultimate feature that you can enjoy. When you buy the Orbi RBK33, you will be able to get additional third band device. The additional device can be automatically connected to the main router. This will add the coverage of your wireless connection, and it can cover large area of your house.


Nice design

Its design looks nice and unique. However, the main point is about its simple and compact size. It will enable you to easily install and place the device in certain area or spot of your house. Even, it can be easily mounted or attached on the wall. With its design, you get no problem in finding the right place for the router.


Fast connection

The connection is also affected by the router that you are using. In this case, the maximum speed offered by rbk33 is up to 2.2Gbps. This will make sure that your internet connection can be delivered in its optimum speed, so the device that you are using no longer gives obstacles for you in reaching the best internet speed as what is promised by the provider.


Parental control

When you have kids in your house, sometimes you have worries when you leave your kids with their gadget. In this case, you are able to monitor and check the histories. Then, you are able to schedule the access and even you can easily terminate the device from your gadget.


Easy to use

It is very easy to setup and manage the device. You only need to use your smartphone to see the setting and management of the device. Of course, the feature of parental control can be accessed from your mobile device without any problem.

These features surely become great reasons to choose the device. It will give the solution in dealing with internet connection. Once you have this device installed in your house, you will not need to worry about the slow internet connection and small range of connectivity. Well, all of the problems are solved by rbk33.

Orbi Rbk43 as Home Wi-Fi System with Simple Installation and High Speed

Orbi Rbk43 as Home Wi-Fi System with Simple Installation and High Speed

If you need stable connection at home, orbi rbk43 becomes the right answer. It is product for Wi-Fi system with one gear to support all necessary installation. You do not need extra router because the system already has this technology.


Coverage is the key factor before choosing Wi-Fi system and gear. This device has several variations depending on how large coverage you want. The smallest one is approximately 4,000 sq, and the biggest one is about 8,000 sq. More coverage requires not just two packs. You can buy three or four to make the Wi-Fi system cover the wide area properly. Based on official information, orbi rbk43 is capable to expand from basement until the top floor. Of course, this is for home installation which means the floor is not as many as building. The coverage may extend if you put more packs and combine them into single connection. However, this is not recommended if your house is very large. It is best to separate into two Wi-Fi system for better connectivity.


Speed and access

This Wi-Fi system is compatible to the latest technology, mostly 802.11ac with utmost speed. Normal connection will deliver 2,200 Mbps as data transfer. You can upgrade and add more speed if you put extra bandwidth. Technology uses MU-MIMO. It is common for the latest Wi-Fi adapter. You may compare between this product and others regarding the connectivity level. The result is still in this product favor. Of course, you can put more packs and add extra connection to boost the speed and access. Another thing to consider is speed that will depend on internet provider you choose. However, this product will provide the highest possibility connection in your home. Well, speed is the main factor when you read about orbi rbk43 review.


Router and extender

One good thing about this product is you do not need buying router and extender. One product is capable to handle router works. From its name, you see this product is home Wi-Fi system, which means all necessary gears are already available and installed. You just change few things and adjust them with service provider on your home. Then, your Wi-Fi will deliver fast speed. After the installation is done, the system can handle many devices simultaneously while dividing the speed equally.

With this product, you can expend Wi-Fi coverage properly. Basement and second floor will not have any issue when accessing to Wi-Fi. You can enjoy internet even though you are not at the near position from the device. That’s what you obtain when having orbi rbk43.

Orbi RBK22

Orbi RBK22: The Budget-friendly Alternative of WiFi System Network Kit

For those of you who want to have smaller sized WiFi system for accordingly smaller home with affordable price tag, then Orbi RBK22 might be right up on your alley. As the The Netgear intends to create a product for this targeted market, this device is not a replacement or sequel to any of their prior products, albeit being classified in the same family. RBK22 is designed to attract people who have modestly-sized houses with several tweaked features as the alternative to the other high-end Netgear’s cutting-edge technology devices. The cost has been kept down for the buyers who might be put off by high-priced Orbi system.

Even with the device’s competitive price as its main offer, the Orbi RBK22 specs are by no means can be underestimated. This makes the other Orbi systems’ high price harder to justify. Here are several features from the RBK22 that worth to check out:


The users or someone who’s already familiar with Orbi products must be able to recognize this device instantly. However, the RBK22 is designed with more compact dimension, resulting in much less intrusive satellite system and router. The minimalistic approach on the design used by Orbi definitely looks more attractive when it is shrunk down. You can tuck this smaller unit always without having to draw unwanted attention to the device.



The Orbi has carried the simple and straightforward setup to the system of Orbi RBK22. You can easily connect the device with your Android or iOS with easy-to-use and interactive app to get you through the setting up process. The app will set the IP address automatically making the setup steps rather painless for the new router unit.



Compared to the original product lines of Orbi, the RBK22 has less number of antennas, which unfortunately means the speed is reduced at the same time. However, with three antennas of 866, 866, and 400Mbps, it has decent speed coverage for standard modest home setups. It will be mostly go unnoticeable and won’t limit the speed on most devices unless you happened to have high data traffic.

The RBK22 of Netgear Orbi Choice might be the great selection of home networking kit if you’re looking for something more inexpensive compared to the original Netgear Orbi but still have properly good features. This impressive mix of speed characteristic and user-friendly qualities of Orbi RBK22 works really well with smaller sized homes without having to sacrifice your wallet.

Orbi CBR40 Benefits as the Modern All-In One Cable Modem Router

Orbi CBR40 Benefits as the Modern All-In One Cable Modem Router

Orbi CBR40 is a breakthrough product in the industry, by integrating the first Tri-Band cable modem router. Modem router, as the name implied, is a single device that combines modem and router. Modem works by connecting your computer or cable-connected device to the internet with the help cable or phone lines. Meanwhile, router is a device that sends out the WiFi or wireless signal from the modem to your devices such as computer, smartphones, or tablet. Both are typically connected by wires. Modem router is a one-stop shop to connect to the internet with the features simply packed in a single device.

This modern technology of Orbi CBR40 has built-in cable modem that provides high performance WiFi in the radius up to 2,000 sq. Here are several beneficial features from the device that transcendences its competitors to give you seamless connectivity:


Impressive internet speed

Orbi CBR40 cable modem router has DOCSIS 3.0 modem which equipped by 32 x 8 channel bonding which allows you to get smooth and uninterrupted internet connections. Indulge yourself in maximum 32 times faster than common internet speed, with no buffering and no WiFi dead zones. The reliable connection is ideal from streaming and gaming even within the boundaries of rooms, walls, and floors at the speeds of 2.2 Gbps.


Functionally versatile device

The device has 4 Ethernet ports which can be connected through wire with your gaming console, smart television, and many more. Even if there are more devices connected to your WiFi simultaneously, the CBR40 will be able to maintain its speed thanks to the tri-band technology compared to other dual-band devices. It also has safety features for kids, which is the Circle Smart Parental Controls, a smart and family-friendly attribute to manage online time and content on any connected device. Its compatibility with various Internet Service Providers such as Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, and others is also a big plus.


High-economic benefits

CBR40 could substitute both the modem and router, which means you can save more money and reduce the clutter, all while getting improved WiFi connection.

If you are thinking of replacing your existing WiFi modem and router device, then you might be interested with CBR40. Get proper internet coverage all over your home even in the areas that hard to reach. The advanced features of Orbi CBR40 that work well with different ISPs will make you enjoy the internet experience conveniently with better WiFi network.

Eero B010001

Eero B010001: The Good, the Bad and the Reasons to Buy

Eero B010001 is the best home Wi-Fi system that you can get today. It is believed that today is the age of internet where everyone seems to be dependable on Wi-Fi connection. In order to get reliable Wi-Fi connection, of course they need good router. The best choice that you can get these days is this one from Eero. Read more about this product, including its best and good points down below.

The Good Stuff

Let us start by talking about the good stuff about Eero B010001. The router has the latest technology built in it. As the result, it can provide you with strong Wi-Fi connection. For those who are dependable on strong, reliable Wi-Fi, this product can bring them exactly what they want.

Also, this product is very easy to set up. It does not come in part so that it does not need complicated assemble. All you have to do is connecting the router to the computer and that is all about it. The last good thing about this product that everyone seems to agree is its design. The design is simple, compact and basically eye-pleasing. It can be placed anywhere around the computer and it won’t be space consuming at all.


The Bad Stuff

The bad stuff about this product is the fact that it is quite expensive to purchase. Also, it does not have a lot of controls within it. If you want to get antivirus protections or parental control programs with it, they do not come for free. You will have to pay more money to subscribe to them.


Should I Buy Them?

So, should you buy them or not? Considering that the best thing about home Wi-Fi system is its performance, you should consider getting the product. Why so? Basically it is capable in providing strong Wi-Fi connection, which what everyone wants. Also, it is very easy to set up, making you capable in doing it alone just by reading the Eero manual and not dependable o tech support. That is why you should buy them in the first place.

With the help of great router like this second generation product from Eero, you won’t find it hard to get strong connection to Wi-Fi. If you are working every day depending on internet connection, of course having great router like this one is necessary. This is why everyone should consider buying Eero B010001 for their personal Wi-Fi connection at home.