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Is Dodge Challenger lease $129

Dodge Challenger Lease $129, the Affordable Choice for the Fastest Acceleration Car

Is Dodge Challenger lease $129 worthy? Let’s find out more! Dodge Challenger is a car produced by an American manufacturer and debuts in New York City. Its lightweight design which is around 90 kg makes it have the fastest acceleration. Incredibly, it accelerates from 0-100 km/h in less than three seconds. This car is a limited edition, and only produced 3,300 units.

Then, what else does it have so Dodge Challenger lease $129 is worthy? This American muscle car is an update from Hellcat. It has a supercharged 6.2 liter V8 engine with 840 HP power. This engine consumes 91-octane gas. It has three sources of air intake which makes the rotation can reach 6,500 rpm. The three sources are located in the engine cup, near the headlights, and the air filter near the wheel liner. It is also equipped with the automatic transmission with TorqueFlite 8HP90-speed.

In addition, Challenger is equipped with an excellent lighting system to help the driver seeing the road properly and in detail. Apart from that, it also helps to always be on the right path. Other facilities owned by it are electronic stability control, standby brake assist, tire pressure warning system, hill start assistance, and rain brake support. In a big accident, it has a standard system to respond to turning off the engine’s fuel flow automatically, turning on the lights inside, and opening the door after deploying the air bag.

Well, the other thing that makes it amazing is it has the passive safety standards and driver-assist technology. It has a backup camera to look back. When using it, you can also get the facility of the rear traffic crossings, the forward collision warning, the rain blower front suction, adaptive cruise control, and the automatic high beam.

Then, the other advantages include an air-induction hood with dual heat extractors, 4 perforated and positioned rotors, a 6-piston front brake, and a high-performance 4-piston Brembo rear brake. It is equipped with an air-catching main MPU to direct cool air into the engine airbox and SRT Performance Pages with Launch Control, Shift Light Control, and Valet Mod. Also, double key fobs – black key fob to limit many features, cut power to only 500-hp, and a red key fob that opens speed gates. Well, all the facilities that this road car has are very complete and sophisticated. So, Dodge Challenger lease $129 worthy enough, isn’t it?

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