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Guardzilla GZ100W

Guardzilla GZ100W, the Smart Wireless and Remotely Controlled Security Camera

The Guardzilla GZ100W might be a great option for those who are concerned about safety around the residence. This camera security is capable of recording any activity happens in certain areas in the house with satisfying clarity.  The wireless tool is doing something beyond those capabilities, though. This camera guard is connected through Wi-Fi system. Thus, you can operate it anywhere in the house where Wi-Fi connection is still able to reach it. Please note that this camera runs on AA batteries so you still have to change the batteries every once in a while.

The quality of recording by this security tool is not bad. Its video resolution is 720p or High Definition quality. The camera has infrared for night recording option. You can easily zoom in or put the camera on wide angle mode. There is a movement detector in the camera too, which you may find to be very handy.  This camera is also capable of picking up sounds because it has good audio recording system. It is also supporting Bluetooth connection so you can transfer data in the storage space to another device with Bluetooth really easily.

Would the Guardzilla GZ100W survive when being placed outside? Of course it would. The material that constitutes this camera is weatherproof and thus will not wear down easily even if you put it under extreme condition for a while. Buyers are also satisfied to know the fact that it has been synchronized with major tech companies AI tools. It makes the process of running the series a whole lot easier.

When installing this camera, it is very crucial to follow Guardzilla GZ100W manual. This will prevent mistakes in installation, so the camera can be utilized optimally. Before getting started with the installation steps, it is important to download the camera’s special app on the app store. In addition to help installing it, the app would be useful in the future to manage the camera. In the app, you may find some premium plans offered.

Most reviews for this camera tend to vary between very satisfying and moderately. There are users who reported that although its camera quality is as advertised, they would feel better to have FHD or at least 1280p video resolution. Nonetheless, people are quite impressed that compared to its price, the product has a high quality result. If you ever in need of affordable security camera, then purchasing Guardzilla GZ100W the might be the right move.

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