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Dog swollen eye home treatment

Knowing the Cause and Dog Swollen Eye Home Treatment

Dog swollen eye home treatment is needed whenever your dog’s eyes are getting swollen. Swollen in dog’s eyes can be caused by various factors which most of them are eye discharges. Sometimes, it is such a minor discharge and can be treated easily. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility that the swelling develops from a severe condition. The treatment for a swollen eye in your dogs is actually depending on the diagnosis your vet released. Based on the swollen cause, the vet may refer you to an ophthalmologist for further medication especially if the condition is getting worse.

In addition, there are lots of factors that can cause your dogs’ eye get swollen. By knowing the causes, you will be able to determine the right treatment to relief your dogs’ pain. Here are some causes that potentially develop swollen in the dogs’ eye along with effective dog swollen eye home treatment to try at home.


Blepharitis is a common name for eyelid inflammation that looks like conjunctivitis. The eyelid will itch and then swell as scratching will make worse the issue. if your dogs are suffering from blepharitis, you will find crusting on their eyelids along with noticeable eye discharge. This condition can be caused by allergic reaction, infection, eye abnormalities, tumors and also trauma. The right treatment, however, depends on the main cause. Temporary treatment like lukewarm compresses is able to wash out the eye discharges.


Conjunctivitis comes whenever your dogs’ eyelid swollen with a pinkish color. This condition is popular with pinkeye. They likely suffer from a viral or bacterial infection is both of their eyes are infected. Otherwise, if only one eye that’s infected, this is might be caused by allergens or foreign objects. The best-swollen eye treatment for this is applying a topical antibiotic.

Eye tumor

Sorrowfully, swollen in dog eye can also a sign or symptom of an eye tumor. Unluckily, the tumor is malevolent, making it a life-threatening for the dogs. If you have recognized the condition, you must bring them to a vet. The tumor type then will be determined by your vet by making use some medical equipment. In order to eliminate the tumor, surgery might be performed. The surgery procedure takes out the entire eyes along with the closest bones.  Some healing with chemotherapy and radiation may follow.

Since swollen eye in a dog is quite a serious problem, this condition needs quick treatment. Talk to your vet for better treatment along with detailed information about what your dog has been experiencing is things you should do at first. For instance, you can start with dog swollen eye home treatment to relieve the pain, if the condition gets worse, go to the vet immediately.

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