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Lorex LNB8105X

Lorex LNB8105X Security Camera as the Best Tool for Your Property

Home security system won’t be complete without LNB8105X. This is the best security camera from Lorex that every home owner needs to buy and install in their property. The camera is versatile as it can be used both for indoor security system and outdoor one. Find out about the security camera and its sophisticated features in the explanation down below.


Full Color 4K Video

Keeping an eye on the house will be easier to do when the camera has the ability to record the surrounding in 4K or HD quality. LNB8105X can do it very easily. The camera records everything in full color and in HD quality. The recording won’t be grainy or blurry at all. You can watch the recording clearly and can even zoom it in easily, too.


All-Weather Security Camera

When you read LNB8105X review, you can tell that a lot of people dub this camera as “all weather” security camera. Why so? It is because the camera is very sturdy and reliable to use even during the most extreme weather condition. The camera can still perform well and record in freezing weather of 30-degree Celsius or -22-degree Fahrenheit. So, essentially, this camera can be placed outdoor and will definitely record even during blizzard or heavy rainstorm.


Dual Motion Detection Technology

The most important feature that a home security camera needs to have is motion detection. That way, when suspicious motions are detected, the camera can trigger the alarm to go off or notice the homeowner right away. This Lorex camera has not only one but two motion detection sensors. Even the smallest motion can be detected by the camera and if it is suspicious, it will alert the homeowner instantly.


Smart IR Night Vision Mode

The camera is using advanced IR (infrared) technology to operate its night vision. It means that even in the darkest of night, decent recording can still be provided by the camera. You won’t have any difficulties in looking at the surrounding of the house when there is no proper lighting around the area.

There are so many things that can go wrong in a house or in a property. Awful circumstances like someone breaking into the house or something even worse can happen when the house is not secured. This is why installing security system is necessary. LNB8105X is going to be the best camera for your house’s security system as it is very reliable and provides solid performances.

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