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Orbi rbk33

Orbi RBK33 Wireless System to Provide Best Internet Access in Your House

When you have problems in accessing wireless connection your house, rbk33 can be the solution. This device provides nice innovation that will not make you disappointed anymore. The device also has great feature that provide the best performance in accessing internet connection.

There are some useful features offered by this device. Powerful features can be obtained by this simple and unique stuff. These features will solve the issues with the weak connection and internet speed. Here are some features to help you:


Tri-band Wi-Fi

This becomes the first and ultimate feature that you can enjoy. When you buy the Orbi RBK33, you will be able to get additional third band device. The additional device can be automatically connected to the main router. This will add the coverage of your wireless connection, and it can cover large area of your house.


Nice design

Its design looks nice and unique. However, the main point is about its simple and compact size. It will enable you to easily install and place the device in certain area or spot of your house. Even, it can be easily mounted or attached on the wall. With its design, you get no problem in finding the right place for the router.


Fast connection

The connection is also affected by the router that you are using. In this case, the maximum speed offered by rbk33 is up to 2.2Gbps. This will make sure that your internet connection can be delivered in its optimum speed, so the device that you are using no longer gives obstacles for you in reaching the best internet speed as what is promised by the provider.


Parental control

When you have kids in your house, sometimes you have worries when you leave your kids with their gadget. In this case, you are able to monitor and check the histories. Then, you are able to schedule the access and even you can easily terminate the device from your gadget.


Easy to use

It is very easy to setup and manage the device. You only need to use your smartphone to see the setting and management of the device. Of course, the feature of parental control can be accessed from your mobile device without any problem.

These features surely become great reasons to choose the device. It will give the solution in dealing with internet connection. Once you have this device installed in your house, you will not need to worry about the slow internet connection and small range of connectivity. Well, all of the problems are solved by rbk33.

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