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Cat Vomiting Undigested Food

Some Common Causes that Make Your Cat Vomiting Undigested Food

When you see cat vomiting undigested food, you should give bigger attention to your pet. It is true that vomiting often happens in cat. Most of owners will always experience the cases of vomiting. That is why you need to stay calm when it happens. It is true that vomiting may indicate some problems, but it does not mean you have to suddenly bring the cat to vet. That is why you need to give bigger attention to the cat, so it is possible to know things better.

Like human, cats also have digestive systems and organs. Therefore, when they vomit, it indicates some problems in the digestive system since human will also experience the same cases. When it happens, the owners must be calm and try to analyze the causes. For your information, these are some of the causes.


Eating too much

Cats will also vomit when they eat too much. It is like human. Therefore, you need to check whether you give excessive amount of food or not. In order to solve it, you need to give enough portion of food. When you already give foods, you should not give snacks or treats since it will only make your cat eat too much.


Eating too fast

The second cause of cat vomiting undigested food is because the cat eats too much. Usually, cat will tend to eat faster when there are cats in the house. It is already natural instinct for them to eat and prevent other cats to take the meals. When it happens and you have some cats in the house, it is better to feed each of them in separate place. Then, you can also encourage the cat to eat slowly by giving smaller portion of food.


Changing the food

Some cats can be so sensitive. That is why you may see cat throwing up undigested food when they find that the foods are changed or replaced. In case it is really necessary to change the food product for the sake of their health, you can do it slowly in small doses. Drastic changes will only make them upset and it is bad.

Those are some causes that can lead your cat to vomit or throw up the foods. When they vomit, you can analyze and try to look for the problems. However, when you already give the better treatment but the pets still keep vomiting, it is better to see vet. There can be serious problems that make your cat vomiting undigested food and this should get proper treatment from the vet.

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