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Nest Nc2400es for Security Camera with Advanced Features and Technology

Nest Nc2400es for Security Camera with Advanced Features and Technology

Security is the top priority that you can have with nc2400es. This camera generates high-resolution video with 130-degree angle. You can inspect and check all area directly while monitoring and controlling the camera from the far location. It is useful for the place or house that requires quick security system.

Security camera

This camera is dedicated for security purpose. You can see live video for 24/7 without delay. Anyone, object, and anything will be visible. Moreover, the video quality is 1080p that’s enough to check everything as detail as possible. This camera can capture small object and you will recognize easily. That resolution can be enlarged with enough pixel to check the detail. Another feature on camera is the night vision with excellent illumination. After you know who is in front of your house, there is microphone and speaker for communication. This camera also has built-in audio to support that feature.


High durability

Most camera is installed at outside but it still has cover. One common problem is weather because most cameras will break as they cannot withstand the extreme weather. That’s not your concern anymore because nc2400es is designed with high durability. Waterproof material and cover ensure the system will work properly. You can plug into electricity source and keep the camera awake without worrying about battery. In addition, the adapter and cable are weatherproof.


Easy installation

People think security camera is complex gear. The instruction requires specific tool that most people do not have. Moreover, you still have to adjust few systems to ensure the camera works properly. That’s not what you get when having this product. Manufacturer develops this camera to be reliable and simple. In fact, it only takes few minutes for installation process. The camera uses magnetic handling that can be attached in any place. You can put and install it anywhere as long as it is high enough from normal jump.


Smartphone App

You may talk via microphone directly, but it is not quite necessary because the nest camera can access smartphone app. It sends alter and connect directly to the person at outside while you may talk directly. This feature helps user to be in alert every time. That is the additional feature you can have from this product.

The features and capabilities have been explored at above section. You know what you will have when buying this product. For installation and operating procedure, manufacturer provides manual. You can also integrate this camera into home digital system. That’s what you obtain from nc2400es.