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Simplisafe Simplicam, the Home Security Cameras that Truly Has Simple Features

Simplisafe Simplicam, the Home Security Cameras that Truly Has Simple Features

Simplisafe Simplicam is a home security camera that was launched back in late 2019. It is retailed at $99, which is classified as the mid-range price inside the security camera industry. With the trend of companies compete to release cheaper cameras in $50 or less price range, it may not be your main choice. However, this could be worth to try if you already installed SimpliSafe security system. Here is the breakdown of the Simplicam’s details.


Beside the initial price, Simplisafe also offers the cloud storage plan which cost about $4.99/month or multi-camera cloud storage plan that cost $9.99/month. It allows you to see video that recorded if the camera is triggered by motion alarms. This is the average price compared to the other security camera companies’ product plans.



Simplisafe Simplicam provides imagery with 720p resolution, which is lower than the standard of security cameras nowadays at 1080p. The camera could capture view widely enough at a 120-degree field without any zoom or pan features. The body is a bit bulkier but more lightweight compared to other similar cameras. The usage is also more ideal for the indoor use. Besides the camera, you’d also get power adapter and power cable inside the box.



Just like the name, this Simplicam has simple and limited, but enough features to boot. It has several standard security camera features, such as motion detection, night vision, event timeline, live feed, status light, two-way talk, and privacy stutter. The last feature is the only special one from the list. This feature allows you to hide the live feed or disable the active motion detector, and watch it from your app.



Unsurprisingly, the Simplisafe Simplicam installation is a piece of cake to do. You only have to plug the camera in, download the Simpliface application and follow the instruction inside the app to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. However, this simplicity comes with some limitations. For instance, the camera is only able to stand rather than being attached to the wall. The design makes the camera can only stick to the flat vertical surface unless you want to tape it to the wall.

As mentioned before, the device is more worth if you’re a user of SimpliSafe system already. You might want to look for another security camera with better value if you’re a first-time user. Simplisafe Simplicam integrates well with other security products of the company and has accessible features from the app.